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MOT requirements
Not all classics have yet to undergo MOT
In view of the impending wave of APK for classics, it is useful to know that a number of changes to the requirements have been implemented per 1 May 2009. The requirements have been modernized and made more flexible and aligned with European regulations. Whether it has become clearer, let alone more understandable, is doubtful. We have highlighted a number of important ones for you.

Blind windows are no longer checked for self-applied - whether you have done this yourself or your predecessor. However, vicious police officers still do that. They think that the light transmittance must be at least 55 percent. They can measure that. The number of cylinders stated on the registration certificate must conform to the mounted engine. A pity, therefore, if your Trabant P50 is equipped with a genuine Chevrolet V8 and the registration certificate still says '2 cylinders'…. The tire pressure must be correct. Although there are inspectors who use the instruction manual from then, it will not work, because today there is often more modern - and wider - rubber mounted under the vehicle. It is important to ensure that the tire pressure is the same as the fitted tires. The size of the tires and the direction of rotation are also checked if - as for example on winter tires - indicated by the manufacturer. The same size of tires must be fitted per axle. So not left for 185 / 70 x 14 "and right for 205 / 70 × 14" ... Wheels should not be rusted too far. The vision of how rusted is left to the judge. All available fuel hoses and systems are checked for reliability and leakage. So also the LPG system or parking heater. A speedometer must be present. Whether or not it does or does not matter anymore. The check on the lighting of that meter is canceled. Doors must be able to be opened from the inside and outside. Go and explain that to an Austin / Healey Sprite Mk1 'Frog's Eye'…. As of 1 March of this year, you no longer have to hand in your registration certificate to the inspector, who will use the online and data from the RDW. However, it is still wise to take the registration certificate with you. It sometimes happens that the RDW data are not in accordance with those stated on your registration certificate ... If your registration certificate had previously been more than a few rounds of washing machine, it was illegible and led to immediate rejection. Nowadays no longer with the inspection, but with the on-duty cod beer that can also issue a ticket for it ... After 1 March, a new inspection report is also used with some changes. Everything is printed, except for the judge's signature. You can also request a replacement test certificate from the same judge.

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