101 Vauxhall Victor 1967: Eddie's stylish carriage. 

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Purchasing classics there

The things that make Eddie rich are neither in his purse nor in his bank account. It is purely his classic hobby which is important and gives a rich feeling. He says of his Vauxhall Victor 101: “When I'm working on it, I almost become a different person. It gives me a lot of satisfaction, especially when people recognize the car and there are reactions.” 

By: Dirk de Jong

What does he expect from an English classic? That he takes you to work? That it can serve as a spacious shopping bag? That he is reliable?

Of course those things matter. But Eddie doesn't use the Vauxhall Victor for daily transport, only as a hobby for fun rides and visiting classic car events

Where has the Vauxhall left its mark? 

The Vauxhall Victor 101 in the photos is originally from Belgium. The documentation showed that the car stood still for no less than ten years with the first owner. In addition, there were a series of booklets with the car in which every refueling and the kilometers driven were recorded. It almost goes without saying that the car was one hundred percent original and not restored. Only a technical service of the 1600 cc engine was needed to get it back on the road. At 55 years old, the Vauxhall Victor still impresses.

special feeling 

Eddie: “The Vauxhall Victor is more than a car to me. He evokes a special feeling just because of his age. Perhaps also nice to tell is that the Vauxhall is equipped with an automatic transmission (two gears) and a power glide gearbox (all original GM).” 

Rolling Netherlands

Have you ever come across this quirky Vauxhall? After so many years it is an exclusive form of transport, unique in shape, style and execution. A classic that is simply different, the moment Eddie switches on the automatic transmission, the driving pleasure begins! 

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  1. Nice to read about the vauxhall fc 101
    I still have workshop manuals and parts folders from vauxhall years 6 70 80
    I myself owned a 4 Vauxhall Victor VX 90/1963.
    Have fun with it Eddie

    101 Vauxhall Victor 1967: Eddie's stylish carriage.

  2. Nice interview! I myself also have a Vauxhall Victor 101 “Deluxe” from Feb 1965. At the beginning of June there was the international Vauxhall meeting in Arbon in Switzerland. We went there with 6 Vauxhall from the VOCH&B. It was a nice well organized meeting. Despite the 2.200 km and the heat, all 6 cars returned in one piece. Would you like to get in touch with Eddie?

  3. It's really a shame that Vauxhall has disappeared as its own brand. I fondly remember my father-in-law's Vivas, the latter a bright yellow automatic. Unpretentious cars.

  4. Yes Vauxhall was my father's 2nd and 3rd car, although a Wyvern and a Velox respectively 1951 and 1953 still have nostalgic feelings in addition to my Mercedes heart, despite the fact that they became very American after 1957. But I still remain enthusiastic Vauxhall enthusiast in 2nd place.
    Eddie have fun with it.

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