A stylish tribute.


EnfieldIn a motorcycling world that has gotten out of hand, where power of 200 horsepower is not scared, Royal Enfield presents us with a purebred café racer. A beaming tribute to the 60s. 

 The Continental GT is powered by a new 535cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine from Royal Enfield. The power source is based on the Unit Construction Engine that currently feeds Royal Enfields 500cc models, but with the bore increased to 87mm from 84mm and a completely new ECU fuel mapping.Furthermore, it is equipped with an electric starter motor, even though the kickstart has been retained.

The engine is a brand new frame, developed in collaboration with Harris Performance. The suspension comes from Paioli, the tires come from Pirelli (Sport Demon), and the brakes are from Brembo.

Its looks are a copy of the 1965 Clubman GT.

This nostalgic machine has 29 pk, at 184 kg. Enough power for the necessary driving pleasure, without risks for the driving license. 

To complete the picture, Royal Enfield has also invented a "vintage" clothing line with helmets, vests, pants, boots, gloves, T-shirts.


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