Ford Anglia de luxe (1960). From the swinging sixties. 

Ford Anglia deluxe (1960)
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The sticker on the back of this beautiful beige Ford Anglia de luxe betrays that the owner was a member of the English Ford Club Netherlands. Owners of all Fords produced in England could become members. This real stylish original Dutch registered car belonged completely to the club of enthusiasts. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

The special nose of the Ford Anglia with its sloping chrome grill, the famous rear-sloping rear window, headlights as eyeballs…. It shows its unique appeal. 

What makes this car unique? 

The Ford Anglia de luxe was delivered new by CL de Groot in Amsterdam. The aluminum plate on the back is proof. But above all, it is tangible because the original warranty card is still with the car. It is known that after the first owner, the car was in the possession of the second for no less than 38 years. Clearly visible in the condition of this beautiful English car. It is also certain that it is the first paint (with small filler spots on the fender), but otherwise immaculate. It almost goes without saying that it has never been welded. Could it be more original? 

In the classic world 

It's still a car that matters. A daring design for the 60s. Beautiful details and a unique look. The new owner can make driving this English classic fun again, because Eelke is allowed to sell this historic beauty on commission. The car now shows off in the parking lot of his company ET Montage in Veenwouden. It was better to take over and keep this car, but after checking the contents of the piggy bank, this turned out not to be an option. The hope is that the beautiful Ford Anglia will remain the luxury in the Netherlands, so that it can make our own way more colorful during the summer trips.

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  1. The Anglia was in 1961 in which I took driving lessons at the age of 18 and passed the first time. In my memory (then) a particularly nice and easy driving car. Photo evokes nostalgic feelings

  2. A car so packed with time-bound style elements is of course fun now, but it also made it pretty worthless for a while when the new Escort came out. Suddenly the tail fins, the wide chrome grin, the frog lights and the inward-looking rear window were hopelessly old-fashioned. Pretty much the fate of the Baroktaunus 17m P2 in Germany.

    Now of course it is a great thing. Also because they became so rare. The rear window was a style element of the Lincoln Continental 1958, but there it could still be opened (electrically) downwards. This was called Air-breeze in American marketing language. In the Anglia, the glass was stuck in the rubbers, but it had a modern overhead valve motor, an electric windshield wiper, a 12V installation, hanging pedals and who wanted to pimp things up a bit more could use two-tone paint, tires with white side surfaces and partly leather upholstery to order.

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