1969 Ford Mustang Fastback. Unique in shape and appearance.

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback. Unique in shape and appearance.

Good contacts, that's what life is all about, and that certainly also applies to our hobby life. When the American-imported 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback came to its new owner in 1996 – yes – it was meticulously renovated, repaired and overhauled. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The engine had 'matching numbers', so it was partly built up with new parts to keep the engine/chassis combination as original. After brake and power steering was put in, the Ford Mustang Fastback was offered in 1996 and two bachelor brothers and their bachelor sister bought the hobby car. The American impressed the cohabiting family with his graceful line. "He was so funny." 

Wonderfully beautiful? 

The Ford Mustang Fastback was hardly used over a period of 20 years and only in nice and dry weather conditions the Mustang was taken out of its heated garage for a ride or a visit to an event. Be surprised and shudder: The car was never washed in that period, there were special cloths and the glass spray bottle that kept the car wonderfully clean. The stylish exterior always remained shiny. 


Already around the turn of the century, Cees had his eye on the Ford Mustang Fastback and told the brothers that they wanted to buy the car. There was no question of that then, the attachment to the American of the brothers and sister was just enormous. Cees was and is a true classic car enthusiast. His love started with Opel. He restored several of them. But love finally struck with this Ford Mustang Fastback. 

Purchase in 2019

Good contacts, that's what life is all about. After many years, Cees received a tip that the siblings were now thinking of selling the Ford Mustang Fastback due to the advanced age. It goes without saying that contact was quickly made and the purchase decision was made. 

And now further? 

After a health check and a polish, the Ford Mustang Fastback can be seen again at meetings and events. What has remained: The car always stays inside when it rains. (It should only rain compliments.) 

Unique in shape and appearance

Cees: “For me it is a striking car, with refined lines and a stylish body. The Ford Mustang Fastback leads the way in engine power and sportiness! I am a pure perfectionist when it comes to details, and I like to let others enjoy my property (as long as it stays with you of course). And I have nothing to complain about appreciation.” 

heartfelt compliment

We also deserve a heartfelt compliment for this exceptionally beautiful Mustang Fastback. It's beautiful, beyond words. 

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