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Purchasing classics there

… gives for it. Everything is relative. And in our playground all prices are asking prices. In addition: as an enterprising provider once said: “to ask for little money is cowardly”. But the trend is that the current asking prices, and more than some final prices, are quite serious amounts. Part of that pricing has traditionally been a trend. Linked to the strange phenomenon that suddenly 'everyone' wants a certain type of classic. Decades ago we had the idea that suddenly every dentist wanted a Volvo Amazon. Then the prices for Volvos also rocketed quickly. Even now, a good Amazon is definitely worth serious money. But the current price level is such that you now clearly get your money's worth.

Trends and prices

Gone are the days when every Amsterdammer absolutely wanted a Fiat 500. And so there have been more 'fashions'. Recently there has been a trend of the influx of new classic enthusiasts. They are often a generation younger than the ongoing series. They are not always very technical, but they go for nostalgia and the strange phenomenon of 'lifestyle'. In that group there is currently a genuine passion for 2 CVs. Unlike the newbies, friend Ernie is an old school duck lover. During his studies he bought 2 CVs between 150-300 guilders. When such a free-range duck died, another specimen came and received the best donor parts of the deceased Duck transplanted. At the end of his studies, he had a great duck in that step-by-step plan. A good, healthy specimen with the patina that is so highly valued today. And now he still drives one of those free-range ducks.

Gone are the days when you bought Ducks in guilders and for three-figure amounts

In fact: Classic car transporter and hobby dealer Jan Tinga recently had a 2 CV with only 6000 km on the clock. The absolutely spotless Duck proudly carried a price tag of over €25.000. And Jan thought bravely to hold on to the asking price. That approach turned out to be realistic. A perfect Duck is now worth a lot of money. But on the basis of the lifestyle row, patina is also paid tight. Advertiser Frans Mandigers not only earns his money by harmonizing newly used sheet metal parts on cars that have been honestly marked by time. He even provides entire cars with instant patina coats that look as if the classics in question have survived fifty+ years in the open air. Just say the reverse approach to what happened to Patricia Paay.

And that's how we get to the Duck by AMK reader Hans

He has refurbished his order in the style, approach and budget of the students from the XNUMXs and XNUMXs. Everything is done with love, care, growing craftsmanship and with a focus on employability. Because he has caught a few more ducks in the meantime, his duck decoy is now overcrowded.

So may the gray duck go

If we just forget all the asking prices we hear, we are very curious what Hans's duck is worth according to us, AMK readers. The first three closest to Hans price idea will receive an annual subscription to Auto Motor Klassiek so that they can see how much more classic fun can be found outside of our free to visit site plus Hans' phone number.

Come on, take out and subscribe Auto Motor Klassiek!

By the way, we invite all readers of www.amklassiek.nl to attend such a dirt cheap subscription on the monthly magazine Auto Motor Klassiek to take. That reads much more pleasantly in the garden or on vacation than a screen. And we pay for the free site from the income from the monthly magazine. Thanks in advance and welcome!

Ernie's daily driver

Hans's Duck.....


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  1. It's really surprising what happens to the prices of the 2cv. I drove a lot of old ducks from 1976 to 1988 and later owned my late mother's. But at the time I bought them for about 500 guilders… and I tinkered with them a lot, bottoms were replaced by plate parts from washing machine casings and riveted into place…. until the apk came
    Corona last year, felt like a project and after seeing a lot of dredge, found a nice copy, 2 her valued at 16.000,- I bought her for half of that. Because of the insurance, I go to the same appraiser, he recognizes the car and values ​​it at 19.000…..

  2. gentlemen, gentlemen,
    have we now entered the money trade? or is it a classic?
    I thought the latter.
    regards, anthony.,

    • It's all about the classics, of course. And they have their price. We thought it was funny what those prices are nowadays. Because we are sometimes surprised about it. And if we look at the reactions to this piece, we are between the beacons of what again we would be willing to pay for and what apparently the prices are in the real world. So just fun to know. Because it's about classics.

  3. I can still remember the madness around 50yr DS in 2005; suddenly everyone who meant 'what' had to be seen in a pike, prices were skyrocketing.
    After a year, the love was over and everything was dumped again en masse in search of the next "hot item".

    This Order Duck will fetch € 13.350… very popular in the hip Netherlands… currently..

  4. I think it's a very nice Duck. I have been driving a 20CV for over 2 years now, with great pleasure.
    Knowing what my Duck is valued at, I estimate the price for this car at € 12.250.

  5. I myself also drove a 2cv in the early seventies and bought it for a few hundred guilders, so around 80 euros. I have toured it with pleasure for many years. I think it will be slightly more expensive ..... I count about 10.000 euros and round it up, then that total becomes 10.100 euros. I usually have few winners luck so the answer will be wrong.
    Greetings Peter

  6. The market value of Patricia Paay has fallen drastically, now everything will pass the peak someday, I would not want to have a relationship with it, life-threatening. For the potent daredevil I would say 15K

  7. I think if Hans is not in a hurry with the sale he will get at least 14 000 Euros for it. Actually too much for what it is because a lot of them have been made but it is indeed a hype these days…and certainly in this case it is an old and not an ordinary 2CV.

  8. I'm thinking of a "friendly price" of € 9950.00 and it is apparently worth it in this overvalued yuppies time where the Yup owner cannot yet distinguish a spark plug from a valence valve. The true enthusiast has to bleed for it.

  9. Haha, so many people, so many different estimates. In any case, everyone agrees that the thing will be in demand. It can't be otherwise, compare it with today's delivery people/cookie tins, then such a duck (and certainly this one) is absolutely endearing. And so it is actually impossible to estimate what the thing yields, many affluent people nowadays who are willing to spend money for their hobby. So an absolute free hit to it: 11000,=

  10. Nice detail: on the small dashboard you can see that you can suddenly change from 3rd to 5th gear: “Where we go there are no roads”. Very nice details.
    Another tip for those who want to see the goat in a youth series: go to vrt now live. Then to “Catalogue” and then to “Axel Nort”. Lots of old-fashioned viewing pleasure! The price of the duck? I estimate at 8930 euros.

  11. Because interest yields nothing, investors step into all kinds of investments. It doesn't matter what. If you buy a new Opel, Opel will increase production. So that will be a very long term for rarity and value increase.
    But if you buy something that is no longer produced new (or original) such as wine or whiskey from a certain year, it only becomes rarer, so in theory interesting to bet on profit. This also applies to cars that are no longer in production.
    This development is not fun for us as enthusiasts. Investors are driving up the price and we want to enjoy the cars above all. Adverse consequences for connoisseurs:
    – Buying or owning a car becomes unaffordable if you don't have a very big bank account;
    – Parts (NOS) for damage repair are becoming unaffordable because they are used for restoration;
    – Wearing parts are taken out of production by the manufacturers if no one is driving;
    – It is not driven, so specialist maintenance disappears around the corner;
    – The car becomes attractive for theft because of its value;
    – The cars disappear from the streets (an investment is secured in the stable) and
    – a classic car becomes elitist, capitalist, snobbish. Possibly arousing negative feelings.

    In short, as an enthusiast you will mainly suffer from this development unless you happen to have to sell your car at a price peak. For example, due to age, illness, divorce or lack of space.
    But that's not what real enthusiasts have their hobby for.

  12. It really is what the motivated aspiring owner is willing to pay for it. Beautiful patina is not ugly, right?
    I think the waddler could change hands for 15.500 euros.

  13. At least three ducks are driving around here in my Zeeland village, one of which is used as daily transport. And a Dyane, Traction avant. Well from people who have had those cars for a long time.

  14. Yes Dolf, I agree with the previous writer, nice story again.
    I dare to estimate the value of this fairly rare early loaner a little higher. Around €12.500. Since for an ordinary, late toddler, €10.000 is readily given.
    Personally I am not interested in this driving curiosities, to have, but nice to see. And I have had an annual subscription for several decades. 😀

  15. Nice story again. Had exactly such a duck in the mid 80s. Rusted through and dynamo faltering. To the scrap in exchange for a hood of a Renault 14. And now Hans's? I would say 9500 euros

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