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Purchasing classics there

The anniversary broadcast of the BNR Petrolheads is fully booked in no time. Bas van Werven and Carlo Brantsen linked a real and growing community with this podcast from 2018. I've been listening every week since the very first episode. Normally there is no audience at the recordings. But a real anniversary: ​​the petrolheads celebrate that with their fans, of course.  

De social hashtag is called #Petrolheads200. But secretly this is the 201e  episode. A conscious or unconscious mistake in the abacus. So two hundred becomes 201, two hundred and one remains two hundred. A few weeks in advance, it starts to live through the episodes and the socials. “Be quick, because full is full. And take your best car to Zandvoort.”

Due to the weather forecasts, the Rover P5B Coupé of photographer Spijker will remain at home, the contemporary Qashqai is a comfortable alternative to the drive to Zandvoort. There we will show the QR Code at the entrance of BMW Driving Experience Slotemakers. Welcome. and the welcome is pleasant and informal. I shake hands with the presenters, and talk to others Komjoenitie members. The atmosphere is great, and everyone has drops of petrol in their blood.

The parking lot has a mix of modern cars and classics. I pick a few. The courtesy car, the stuffed animal of the BNR Petrolheads, shows off. Jorn Lucas drove the car to Zandvoort. This SAAB 9000 with 355.000 kilometers on the clock. This one is pampered by Brantsen and Van Werven, and made like new. Later in the afternoon, a beautiful and very late Talbot-Simca 2 Liters wins the prize for the most special car. Just a little different, a bit unexpected, fitting the program. There is also the immense Rolls Royce, with which Ronald Dubbelman picked up the two presenters at the BNR head office in Amsterdam. And a row of BMW 3-series copies is waiting for the end of the recording. They are ready for those who can briefly experience the tricks of slip technique after the recording and accompanied by an instructor.

There's Manetti coffee. OK offers the filled biscuit and the apple turnover. And lunch is already ready inside, made possible by the KNAC. The presenters receive gifts, such as a beautiful book from the Cadillac Club Nederland. It is a harbinger of what is to come, and has already been. Because the Spijkstaal race between the presenters has been brought forward due to the weather forecast. Rightly so, and everything has been thought of. An impression of the race can be viewed via the social media channels of BNR Petrolheads. After the recording, the jubilarians do another round of Spijkstaal. The open Red Rabbit skims right through the rain. Still. And yes: grown up guys turn into boys when it comes to four wheels. Whether it is a BMW, a SAAB or a Spijkstaal.

An hour and a half before the Spijkstaal encore, the technicians start the opening tune, immediately Bas van Werven and Carlo go wild. Episode 200, a number that also - as every week - stands for a car type. And yes: the RS200 exists. Group B. Rally. 80s. The public's suggestion is correct. Then BNR editor-in-chief Mireille van Ark brings flowers, the familiar subjects follow, they are presented smoothly and always with a touch of humor and self-mockery in the background. I see the same as what I've heard a few hundred times. Two men behind a BNR desk talk to each other as if they were drinking a cup of coffee and eating a sandwich. Loose wrist. Not scripted, a few notes at most, and pure enthusiasm. This is how quality becomes lively. With the love of cars as the common thread. It is real. An hour of recording flies by, the applause afterwards feels longer.

The ovation does not only belong to the presenters of the BNR Petrolheads. Arthur Verberne (first class driver), Jorn Lucas (online assistant of BNR) and everyone else also deserve the tribute. Afterwards there are goodie bags from the KNAC and OK. I chat for a while with Arthur Verberne, the technical craftsman behind the scenes. I also compliment Bas van Werven. He says that this podcast is made without a script. A few notes, that's all, even during the almost imperceptibly well-organized anniversary broadcast. On to the 300e broadcast. That will certainly work. Without script. informal. And with a message that makes clear what cars still do to people.

For a film impression of the anniversary and the recording click here.

Listen back? For the anniversary episode of BNR Petrolheads click here.

All photos were taken by Bart Spijker


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  1. Without QR a lot is unreachable, medical discrimination, dichotomy in everything, don't see this disappear but to have raw material of antifreeze and heavier toxic rubbish injected into your body.

  2. Too bad my Saab 9000 CSE Duracell isn't mentioned
    And too bad I didn't know you were there, otherwise we could have had a nice chat.
    Perhaps at number 300…

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