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    Blasting vintage cars and parts

    Zand Blasting is a company located at Ambachtsweg 5 on the industrial estate Eindewege in Goes in Zeeland that deals with blasting all types of classic and old-timers as well as parts thereof. They have good equipment and a shed of 10 by 14 meters. It is indicated that the hobbyist […] More

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    Mercedes-Benz 540K, exceptional heirloom

    After years of research, a British car dealer pulled the jackpot in a partially collapsed shed on a farm in Russia. With some help from third parties, he was able to trace the Mercedes-Benz 540K Roadster with which, during the 2e Disagreement with our Eastern neighbors, Hermann Wilhelm Göring, founder of the German Luftwaffe and the Gestapo, among others. More

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    Mini facts

    The first Austin and Morris Mini's saw the light of day in April 1959 and were in Great Britain in books like Austin Mini Seven (with the word Seven being written as 'Se7s' in early publications!) And Morris Mini Minor. More

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    Steamboat must be saved

    Boats are not directly an item that you encounter in 'your' Auto Motor Klassiek, but we believe that a so-called 'Paddle Steamer' from 1937 should be given a fair chance in its aftermath. After the ship that was christened in 1937 Ryde and since then maintained the crossing from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth, came out of active service in 1966, it was purchased by a dance and nightclub operator and converted into a floating attraction. More

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    Golf Stationcar

    If you are interested in a Volkswagen Golf 1600 Stationcar from 1977 then it is important to contact a certain Mr. Moseley who can be reached by phone under number 0044-7894-477.371. More

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    Suppose you are in possession of a classic but you still miss the original brochure that you may also call a brochure? No worries. Via the American website www.mclellansautomotive.com. you can order them. More

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    MG 'Toaster' wheel

    You will only have one MG Maestro with one missing wheel broken to pieces ... Your always attentive editorial team has found one original copy. In Great Britain. Undamaged, light metal so-called 'Toaster' type, 5 ½ J x 14 and still equipped with a good Michelin MXV tire in the size 175 / 65 x 14 ” And the price? More

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    Datsun 240Z: 40!

    The Datsun 240Z conquered the world 40 years ago in one fell swoop. A particularly beautifully designed powerhouse. The Japanese inventors of this fine had had a good look in the years prior to what a sports car should look like in Great Britain and what performance it was capable of. More

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    Lamborghini's four thousandth Murciélago

    At the start of the production of the Lamborghini Murciélago in 2001, nobody had any idea whether it would be a (sales) success or not. Barely nine years later the 4.000e copy rolled off the band in Bologna. And thus set a record for Lamborghini. More

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    Dunlop for Mini's

    Good news for all owners of a Classic Mini: Dunlop supplies (again) new (radial) tires in the size 165 / 70 × 10 ”. The Dunlop D7 - as the band is called - has a profile as derived from the famous Dunlop Racing CR65, but with a rounder shoulder. More

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    Fiat X1 / 9 low-priced

    Strangely enough, the prices that have to be paid for a Fiat X1 / 9 remain exceptionally low, while it is nevertheless an attractive trolley ... , while a nice barely 500 yields euros, a very nice girl exceeds the five mille with difficulty ... More

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    Disc brakes Triumph TR3

    Especially in Triumph-circuits is proclaimed that the TR3 in 1956 was the first mass-produced sports car to be equipped with disc brakes as standard (on the front). More

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