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    Air filters

    It is strange, as a classic enthusiast, that like a real one Auto Motor Klassiek The reader is fit, tinkers with his classic, changes the oil, replaces the oil filters, sets the valves, overhauls the brakes, carries out service, forgets in many cases to replace the air filter or air filters… More

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    Porsche suitcases

    As an Edel Beetle owner/enthusiast, your holiday can already start by packing the suitcases delivered via the travel line of Porsche Design Driver's Collection. Of course, the size is tailored to the loading space of the respective models and they will probably also fit in a classic Noble Beetle. More information or on display at Porsche More

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    Iso Milano scooter

    Your chance to get an unrestored Iso Milano scooter from 1963 for £ 850,00 (less than a thousand euros) if you call - very quickly - with 0044-7043-243.884. The owner has parked this classic two-wheeler since 1967 in his shed. More

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    Young timer search portal

    Like many people who earn their living in this world, Marco Hof has turned his hobby into his work. As a renowned seller of special young timers, he recently also opened the very first search portal for young timers. More

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    Mazda MX5: 20!

    Almost unnoticed, the Mazda MX5 has turned twenty. Although introduced in 1989, the quirky sports car came on the market in 1990. We have now arrived at the third generation of this unsurpassed blockbuster. More

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    Stainless steel heat shield MG MGB

    A proper heat shield is essential on the engine of an MG MGB. That prevents the so-called vapor lock, the gasoline starts to boil and then the machine stops. In addition, the capacity of a BMC A-series, but also B-series and C-series engines dramatically decrease if the carburetors become (too) hot. More

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    Rover P2 and Rover P3 tool set

    If you are lucky enough to have a P2 or P3 Rover and you have to miss the original tool set node? Again glad that you are a reader of Auto Motor Klassiek because we recently came across such a set at someone's! Completely complete, hardly ever used (what were those anyway More

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    Commer and seepage

    From the outset, a Commer truck already had something sad, the laymen of those saddened the world in shining mastodons. And when you see them standing like this, it is completely sad. More

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    'New' MOT requirements

    In view of the impending wave of APK for classics, it is useful to know that a number of changes to the requirements have been implemented per 1 May 2009. The requirements have been modernized and made more flexible and aligned with European regulations. Whether it has become clearer, let alone more understandable, is doubtful. We have highlighted a number of important ones for you. More

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    Volvo museum fifteen years

    The Volvo Museum is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary on 8 May. Over the last fifteen years, the beautiful collection of historic Volvo cars has grown steadily and today counts more than a hundred cars, trucks, buses and company cars. More

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