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  • The Team, a Season with McLaren

    The Team, a season with McLaren

    For years he stood in the cupboard next to the video recorder. The band with the beautiful documentary series The Team, a season with McLaren from the BBC. Often watched, but as with video tapes; the quality is declining and after two relocations the video recorder More

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    Stand damage

    Stand damage. The Germans call it 'Standschaden'. I don't know what the French call it, but this Renault 30 has it, we don't have to doubt that. We can only daydream about the life of this car ... More

  • Rust in the tank
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    Rust in the tank

    When the classic you cherish enters the garage, it is now urgently recommended to empty the fuel tank or completely, disconnect the supply hose to the fuel pump and then blow it through at high pressure or up to the cap More

  • Crumple zones

    Crumple zones

    Volvo in particular is generally regarded as the company that deals with the safety of motorized traffic. In contrast, it was Mercedes-Benz who was responsible for one of the most important inventions when it comes to safety. Named More

  • Triumph Spitfire

    Improved road holding Triumph

    You have a so-called 'small chassis' Triumph stand in the stables - a Herald, Spitfire, Vitesse or GT6, because that's what it's all about - and know that the chances are that the rear wheels can end up dangerously positive under the car when you take a quick turn ... The so-called More

  • bugatti-with-pre-war

    Bugatti with pre-war speeds

    At Bugatti, people are completely happy that they can deliver a production car that has a top speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour. Before the 2e World War, teams from Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz were already working on this. Closed up More

  • Panhard Parts

    Parts Panhard

    'Panhardis', so owners and tinkerers in the Panhard field call themselves, know that the availability of new parts is a crime and therefore the refuge must be sought for used stuff, used stuff that has been loyal to us for at least five decades. More

  • Cadillac Seat heating

    Seat heating

    Seat heating, a simple idea, but if you have ever had - or still have - a car with such an accessory, you will never want anything else. Also a Swedish invention? No, American. It was first used in 1966 by General Motors. In the Cadillac of that year ... More

  • Fiat Multipla

    MPV and Fiat Multipla

    Renault claims to have the MPV, the Multi Purpose Vehicle, the People Carrier as they call it in Great Britain, the Monospace as they call such a thing in France, with the Espace being the first to market 1984. Then the fact that the More

  • Triumph parts books

    Triumph parts books

    Original Standard Triumph workshop manuals and also the separate parts books, you know, those white with blue print are scarce and therefore expensive. Often also severely damaged and incomplete. Not surprising, because we are talking about minimal More