February 2011

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  • citroen-2cv dagonet

    Citroën 2CV Dagonet

    Recently - although, as you read this - has already been about a month or two ago - we came into contact with a certain Arnaud Laval from France who, it seems, has been taken by Citroën 2CV virus. No, not just a Duck, but a Dagonet! More

  • wrong-past-wartburg

    Wartburg - Verkeerd Afgelopen

    Adrie Brugmans, together with Jaap Daamen, who has been responsible for setting out the route for the Tulpenrallye in recent years, is also busy spotting and tracing the route. Verkeerd Afgelopen objects. During the - with Jaap Daamen - driving after the last edition of the Classic ROZ More

  • nice-citroen-11-bl

    Nice Citroën 11 BL

    A Citroën Traction Avant of the 11 BL type in the 2-door coupé version is at least as rare as the teeth of a rooster? Your editorial staff was pleasantly surprised that we received a picture from such a TA from a reader. Photographed in a garden behind a house in France More

  • Alfa Romeo oil pump

    Alfa Romeo oil pump

    An oil pump is a very important part of an engine. No oil and the machine explodes in the worst-case scenario. In the most favorable case, bearing damage occurs. For the Alfa Romeo Nord engine of the 105 and 115 type you cannot find a new one for years More

  • in

    Toyota Landcruiser

    Toyota Landcruiser with the 3.4 diesel, this Toyota is from 1986, has 155.000 original km, in very neat rust-free condition, has Dutch registration, with back seat, indestructible strong, can tow 4000 kilos, ideal for the trailer, can be seen in Drenthe. The asking price for this buffalo from France is € 11.000. More questions More

  • Special Sprite

    Special Austin-Healey Sprite

    In the previous issue we were able to treat you to an Austin-Healey Sprite in which an 2 liter Alfa Romeo (Nord) engine with matching five-speed gearbox was crafted. It is always possible More

  • in

    Exhausting Ferrari

    In the gray past, every new Ferrari was extensively tested on the public road before leaving the factory on its way to the customer. They had a nice process for that More

  • Stuck motor

    Stuck motor

    In times when money is scarce and there are still people who counted themselves as rich but who nevertheless counted as poor, a lot of things are going 'classic'. Be often More

  • in

    State limo

    The auction of this unique Tschaika Gaz 13 ended yesterday on ebay. The minimum price of 25.000 euros was unfortunately not reached (for the seller). More

  • Cupped tires

    Strange booming sound ...

    One of our readers noticed that his classic on flat and tight, asphalted road had been making an extremely annoying, but above all strange, thumping sound for weeks at a certain speed. He has submitted the problem to his tire supplier after inspection of More