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    Le Patron kitcars to Utrecht

    Designer Godfried van den Bergh from Ophemert will be present at the 11 + fair in Utrecht between 15 and 50 September to show his Le Patron kitcars to the public. Le Patron kitcars More

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    Special cars

    On 7 October this year you have the chance to admire a colorful collection of exclusive cars at a separate location. When you like it More

  • CanAm


    In the middle of a Formula 1 season that is still delivering on the promises, it is easy to forget that more is happening on the circuits than just races in the premier division. Sports car racing for example. As far as I am concerned, this is a class that, wrongly, does not receive the appreciation it deserves from the general public. Especially if you know its history. One of the nicest chapters is called CanAm More

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    Studebaker, Rover and Wolseley

    he also had a 1950's Studebaker. Full of enthusiasm, he began removing the tarpaulin from the car so that I could take pictures of it. He said there was a six-cylinder in-line engine with side valves. More

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    The Brand cocoon

    Simple and effective. That should be more things. The Brandcocon forms a four-sided shield around an object that could very well be your classic. Should the object itself catch fire, the cocoon will close and the fire will be suffocated and collateral damage will be limited. Should there be in – for example – the More