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  • Hellenic Motor Museum
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    Hellenic Motor Museum in Greece

    A beautiful new car museum opened in Athens last March. It is located on the top three floors of the Capitol shopping center. There are no less than 110 very special classics to admire that the owners have already started in 1977. At least you have another goal during Read more

  • MG MGA MK2


    At the Earls Court Motor Show of October 1961, MG - then part of the British Motor Corporation - had a lot to celebrate. The new MG MGA MkII was on display at the stand. The catchy text on every advertisement there 2 Great performers that steal the show Read more

  • cylinder head

    Remove cylinder head

    As a self-tinker you occasionally run into a wall. For example, it may happen that the cylinder head of the engine in your classic car cannot be removed. Despite the fact that you are sure that you have really loosened and removed all bolts and nuts. This is due to the close fit and rust Read more

  • brake booster

    Brake servo

    In the past, when cars were only equipped with drum brakes, a brake booster was not necessary. The driver stepped on the brake pedal at his own discretion and the vehicle slowed down. If it pedaled harder, the wheels blocked. The introduction of disc brakes on cars led to the Read more

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    Fuel saver

    If you thought that so-called 'economical driving' is a recent thing, then you are wrong. As evidenced by the fuel saver depicted here, people were already working on this matter in the XNUMXs. The device had to Read more

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    No MOT engines

    It is not all bad news that comes from Brussels, we heard yesterday evening that Manneke Pis turns out to be one of the most disappointing tourist attractions, now the Council of the European Union has voted against MOT motorcycles. The entire MOT proposal submitted by the European Commission has been adjusted. Read more