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    International Tulpenrallye - on the tube

    The Tulip Rally is the event during the winter season that many fans of classic rallies look forward to and work on during long key evenings. Without wanting to hurt anyone who will ride along; it is a slightly different animal compared to the past. The classic party of today used to be a fight of almost life to death among the best riders of their time. And the great thing is that there is a surprising amount on the internet. Take the beautiful Polygoon video from 1969 in which Rob Slotemaker takes on Belgian opposition during the final circuit test Read more

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    Riding in the snow

    Make sure there is a shovel in your car to get away from a snow mountain. On 15 January 2013 we were again "treated" to a portion of real snow. In The Hague even a suit of almost 20 centimeters fell. Very special because that does not happen that often. This meant inconvenience and misery for many car owners. How do you get away from such a snow mountain? With a good kick. Read more

  • Sometimes the solution to a challenging problem can be that simple

    Vapor lock

    Five years later an MGA was on display at a fair and I was immediately sold and a few moments later the car too. However, for every ride of any size on a Dutch summer day, it was necessary to include the necessary cooling-off stops. Exactly yes 'vapor lock'. Read more

  • Mike Hailwood and his Iso Grifo

    Hailwood's Iso Grifo

    Last year, the Iso Grifo who ordered the legendary nine-time motorcycle world champion in the summer of 1967 was sold at the Coys auction for £ 168.000,00. Striking detail, the car also appeared in A Magical Mistery Tour, the Beatles' film. Hailwood's Grifo is one of the 32 right-hand drive units from the total production of 322 built between 1963 and 1974 powerhouses.
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    Attention old-timer specialists!

    Recently the Auto Motor Klassiek company guide can also be consulted online. About 1300 companies in the Netherlands and Belgium that specialize in classic cars and motorcycles have already been included in the online business directory. Check whether your company is already listed and whether the data is complete and correct. If not, you can add to and change it yourself. If your company is not listed yet, don't panic, you can easily add it yourself. Recording your business is completely free! Although a link on your website to amklassiek.nl is appreciated. Read more

  • optimotor

    OptiMotor: devilish stuff?

    Fuel consumption is nowadays the magic word for every motorist and even motorcyclists. The usefulness of the OptiMotor addition to the engine oil of a used engine has already been confirmed after extensive tests by the German TÜV Thüringen. OptiMotor really works! On a tank with a capacity of 50 liters Read more

  • Jeep

    Jeep: 71!

    When it turned out that it was inevitable that the United States would become involved in the war raging in Europe, no fewer than 135 manufacturers were approached by the army command to build a - working - four-wheel drive vehicle. Only two companies registered. Willys Overland and American Bantam Car Company Read more