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  • State lottery sucks

    Just keep working ...

    Only recently did we hear it from an initiate: the Postcode lottery and the State lottery are mainly good for…. The Postcode Lottery and the State Lottery.

    And let it have been in the newspapers yesterday how the Staatsloterij completely troubled the case to have to make minimal payouts ...

    Because we have become somewhat suspicious during these confusing times, we have calculated what your chances of winning are even if the draw behavior 100% okay would be: Read more

  • Windscreen kit. Also sticks to hands!

    Window glue; "Strong stuff!"

    An acquaintance has recently replaced his glued-in car window. He had made serious work of it and the job was therefore successful, including the extremely careful degreasing of the window frame.

    The unexpected result of his working without gloves was that he walked with 'rubberized' hands for weeks Read more

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    Exemption from MRB options

    Rejected motions offer new possibilities in MRB exemption issues

    It didn't come as a surprise. The Lower House recently rejected two motions by Farshad Bashir. These motions included a relaxed transitional arrangement for "the old car". Farshad Bashir was disappointed that the motions coincided with the headache-causing Bulgarian file. The Hague - and with it State Secretary Weekers - did have something else in mind. Read more

  • And stove cover as a drip tray ...

    Against oil drops

    Of course our classics do not leak oil. They mark their place. But if that - at home for example - is not desirable, then there is a low cost solution: a stove cover as you find it in the big garbage or the thrift stores.

    Because an inverted stove cover is a great drip tray

    Oh yeah; the door cover of a refrigerator or dishwasher also works. Read more

  • make your own book, POD

    Write a book

    Time and time again it is striking how much we, classic fans, have to say. And how surprising the success of Hellen van Rooyen is.

    Now there is also the possibility of a villa in France open to us. Because we can write our own book and have POD printed. POD stands for Print on Demand. This means that you can even have your own book printed in an edition of 1 piece Read more

  • metal glue

    Locktite, Devcon, Pratley. Pratley?

    A nice addition: Pratley Europe - just in Ter Aar - supplies glue and knead glue for metal. A few of their products received our special attention because they provide adhesive connections that remain stable up to around 120 degrees.
    Read more

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    Find parts

    Every classic and young timer enthusiast knows this. The search for parts. Finding parts is easy for some cars. This is a lot more difficult for other cars. But where do you look for it? One option is the kiosk in the village. Enough magazines to be found Read more

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