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  • afla tuning, adjustment

    Onixx Starcraft ...

    afla tuning, tuning That sounds heavy like science fiction, but is purely earthy and technical. Onixx Starcraft specializes in tuning and preparing Alfa Romeo (105) engine blocks. In doing so, the company draws on years of own - successful - competition experience. Read more

  • remco, restorations, custom restorations

    A good neighbor ...

    Potomac Motors from Terborg has been advertising in AMK for many years. And Potomac owner Roy Bolks introduced another potential advertiser. For a little later. Because Remco - Custom Restorations - Teunissen has only been back in the Potomac building for a month. Read more

  • Go Brazil 2014

    GoBrazil: 27 mille

    The end of the crisis must be in sight. The GoBrazil 2014 has almost reached its minimum number of registrations. And that while the registration has only just opened. Read more

  • Indian, Big Chief

    A Real Indian ...

    Of course we are appropriately impressed by the phenomenal piece of marketing that has been put into the New Indian. It seems enormously real. Is real. And beautiful. Very nice. And is undoubtedly much better that the original was once ...

    Yet. Upon seeing the project currently for sale at www.dutch-lion-motorbikes.com Read more

  • in

    Restoration Buick: waking 300 horses

    After years of searching and toil, the restoration of the 700 Buick series 1958 Limited Riviera sedan by Robert Visser (42) from Leeuwarden is almost completed. Before Robert can hit the road with his 'new' old American, there are still some small things to be done. Read more

  • ignition key, chip

    A broken ignition key?

      Now that young timers and neo classics are already quite electronically loaded, we are getting very new malfunctions. How about this one? A car wouldn't start. Everything was tried in the Old Skool way to locate – eliminate the interference… That didn't work Read more

  • Fall, find, classic, wreck

    Now the leaf has fallen

    Of course, autumn is not such a top season. But if you have a few days off, you can still make something of it. Go on an uninhibited tour of - for example - the north of France. At least above the Loire. Read more

  • fair, motorcycle fair, classics

    The booty of Barneveld ...

    At the fair in Barneveld - nowadays actually Kootwijkerbroek or something - we naturally found exactly what we were looking for. Such as ten metal valve caps for two euros. But we also packed a few of those printed pdfs. Leaflets. So brochures.
    That is why we now know that:
    Bromfietsclub de Brommende Mug on 2 November a moped fair is organized in Meppel, on the Setheweg 45, 7942 LA in Meppel. From 0900-1600 hours. Entrance 5 euri
    The Old Motors Club Herselt organizes a bilingual exchange fair for old and classic motorbikes / bourse d'echanges motos anciennes. That happens on 2230 Blauberg-Herselt (B). The entrance fee is three euros. www.omch.be
    On November 16-17 there will be the Retro Motor Fair in the heated halls of the firm Fr. Beavers. You will find it at Lierselei 177, 2390 In Oostmaale, Flanders. You can spend the night in the parking lot. the 'entrance' is 5 euros Read more

  • Daimler, wedding car

    Getting married in style ...

    Daimler, wedding car Because a wedding day is not just her party. We therefore found a very happy couple. Because even the nicer modeled half of the couple were impressed by their wedding carriage. The second photo proves that it can all get a bit rougher. And then for people with a large family there is also an extra double plus extended limo. Read more

  • British classics

    Coming soon AutoMotorKlassiek

    Dreaming about finds. We all do that. And we have made another find for you. A garage where the lights were just turned off a while ago. And by 'garage' we do not mean a garage box, but a serious company ... Read more

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