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  • registration certificate, card

    We get a card with it

    Starting next year, you will no longer receive a paper registration certificate when you purchase a new or used motorbike, car or other motor vehicle. Instead, you will receive a hard plastic copy in handy credit card format. More

  • BSA, classic, old, cheap


    actually it is. Because just look at how much motorcycle you get for your money these days. It has never been a better time to buy. And in the meantime Germans and French have also discovered how low the prices are here .. More

  • Classic damage, insurance

    Don't cheer too early ...

    ... if you have damage to your classic car and receive the message that An Expert is coming to take the case. That man does nothing more or less than determine what he thinks of it and reports that back ... More

  • in

    Rolling English Heritage Event - the REEE ride

    Sunday 6 October it seemed as if it had to be that way… it was still a beautiful summer day, and the day that more than seventy English classics came to De Rijp in beautiful Noord-Holland for a drive of English classic cars. The organization consisted of a number of prominent members from various clubs. More

  • Find. newspaper packaging

    A find

    classic lovers who were only just sixty years ago about twenty years old are now a bit older. So there are, therefore, a few left and right who are doing away with their classic or streamlining collections, or even renouncing them. More

  • gasoline, E10, danger

    Confused with E10

    But also when it comes to combustion, the use of E10 in carburetor engines creates an additional problem. The fuel properties are in fact considerably affected by 10% admixture of ethanol, because ethanol has a lower combustion value than gasoline. This means that more ethanol is needed to achieve maximum combustion with a certain amount of intake air. So you actually need larger nozzles for carb engines. More

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