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    Production Volkswagen T2 may be resumed

    Production of the Volkswagen T2 may be resumed. Autovisie reports today on its website that options are being examined in Brazil with regard to the “Bulli” to circumvent the safety requirements applicable from 2014 onwards. They prescribe that every new car must be equipped with ABS and airbags. The construction of the Read more

  • kittens, motorcycle, kittens

    Spring has already begun ...

    Oh yeah; in terms of cat love, consider what your reaction is if you discover after the winter, which is undoubtedly still to come, that your cat or that of the neighbors have used your buddy seat as a scratching post.

    So lay an old, sturdy blanket over your motorcycle. Or head a real motorcycle cover Read more

  • 1953-Ferrari-166MM-Barchetta-by-Oblin

    Arcturial. From France

    A kind of Bonhams. But then in French. The Arcturial auction house,, does all kinds of things. But they regularly have the best auctions in the field of 'automotive and automobilia'.

    So don't think about bargains.

    But if you have the mind, you can bid online Read more

  • politicians are unreliable

    Best wishes!

    This means that classics in the Netherlands have never been so cheap. Prices are asking prices. And in the meantime that has also been cheered by Germans, Belgians and French. They all come here to get classics, just as we Dutch once abducted loads of Fiat 500s and DSs. Read more

  • China BMW

    Any idea?

    The Chinese have a fairly large number of 'brands' such as

    Chang Dong
    Long Teng
    Feng Tong

    BMW clones manufactured. Read more

  • Tyra, BuSpa, Ruiten, USA

    Heard at the bar ...

    a tip for fans of classic Americans: the USA specialist Tyra from Bunschoten / Spakenburg is apparently one of the largest stock keepers of windows and panes for classic - mostly GM - Americans. Read more

  • puch, censorship, babe

    We keep it tidy ...

    puch, censorship, babe Sometimes you just find funny bargains at fairs. In a folder with folders & photos from an apparently very neat collector, we found this apparently self-censored photo ... Read more

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