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    And then you come around the corner ... 

    Driving on a provincial road in Great Britain, a dawning roundabout is taken in the dawning light - British motorists just keep on driving - and then you suddenly see something very special in a parking space to the right of the road. A real Abarth 1000 on Read more

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    Front-wheel drive ...

    Citroën is usually thought to have been the first car manufacturer to put the front-wheel drive car on the market. It is then about the Traction Avant (which means front-wheel drive) designed by André Lefèbvre, which saw the light of day in 1934. However, Read more

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    Maria - "I've died and gone to heaven"

    Of course we have known Maria Pels as the driving force behind the big King Cruise event on the Maxis site in Muiden and later Borchland in Amsterdam. But she is not just a cheerful smiling blonde, this is a lady with a story. Read more

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    Back to Downton

    Downton Engineering Works Ltd. was in the 1960s one of the top tuners for Austin and Morris Mini's. The cars on the circuits were unbeatable. The company, a company that was involved in agriculture Read more

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    Morris Marina Convertible

    A Morris Marina was the nightmare of the then British Leyland and Austin Rover dealer. Decades later, opinions are divided. There is actually nothing wrong with a Morris Marina? A bit of old-fashioned wheel suspension perhaps? In its heyday, British Leyland's Crayford firm was commissioned to cut off the roof of such a Marina and turn it into a convertible. Read more

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    Differences Fiat 500

    It's almost unbelievable, but there are differences between the 'normal' Fiat 500 and three years later introduced and certainly 10 centimeter longer stationcar version that we know as Giardiniera! Apart from the sheet metal work, many non-interchangeable parts must also be taken into account technically. Read more

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    Morris Minor is rising in price

    Entire tribes moved into a Morris Minor in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and even in the early 1980s. An exceptionally tough trolley with a very high level of cuddiness. More than one million copies have been produced. In different variants, from two-door to four-door, as station wagon, delivery van and pickup Read more

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    Layered glass

    While in the United States all cars were delivered decades ago with a laminated windscreen, in the Netherlands it was still possible to opt for tempered glass until well into the seventies. You know, one stone or other iniquity against the glass and whips, it fell apart into tens of thousands of small pieces of glass Read more

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    Warmed VW Beetle

    It is regularly told by 'experts' that nowadays with a VW Beetle or Bus with air-cooled engine it is no longer possible to drive on the highway for a long time and cannot be stuck in traffic jams. Climbing mountain ranges are completely out of the question, because the cooling of such an engine would not be able to withstand that ... How Read more

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