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    Free MOT inspection via Auto Motor Klassiek!

    Bosch Car Service, you have undoubtedly heard of it, after all, 380 car companies are currently already connected to the car service system. On June 1, the range of service products was given a new look and you can not only go to the affiliated car companies for an MOT inspection, but also for business
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    180 or 120 Degrees? The Laverda triples

    A Laverda 1000 three-cylinder is not yet coming to the 100 hp, but is - at least according to the owner of the copy that we photographed for AMK 12 - too fast for the Netherlands.

    Within Laverda circles there is a mild battle between the owners of machines with the lever taps at 180 and those with lever taps at 120 degrees.

    Yet this beautiful Beul from Breganze stands for a magnificent piece of motor history in which the people of Laverda bought a lot of things abroad because the Italian suppliers did not think the quality was good enough and because no agreements could be made with it ... More

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    Everywhere, in all barns ...

    The motorcycle market for modern motorcycles is so constipated that my son, who studies veterinary medicine, would immediately give the owner of a horse with such colic the recipe for horse steak in cream sauce with onions. From the private sector there are countless providers of neat engines for decent prices who advertise it after three years More

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    “Adjustment of the event regulation for old-timers in the making”

    The Event Scheme for old-timers may be adjusted and expanded. The policy change will reportedly be published in the Government Gazette next week. Owners of old-timers in the transitional arrangement would then be allowed to take their vehicle - to a limited extent - to an event in the months of December, January and February. At the moment, the adjustment is still More

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    Catawiki auctions VW T1 Samba for € 90.000

    Auction house Catawiki auctioned a restored Volkswagen T1 in Samba version last week. The proceeds once again showed that candidates are willing to pay considerable amounts for Samba buses in top condition. For €90.000 -excluding auction costs- the sublimely restored 1 T1965 changes hands. Twenty bids After a number of twenty bids, More

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    More Ducks memories

    The book Ma Petite, about 2CVs and their owners has touched people's hearts. Our news item about the presentation brought back memories. Leaving a Dead Duck in a forest. An Anabolic Duck with a 1200 GS block ... More

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    Bjoelie, the Mecca for classic enthusiasts

    Bjoelie, the Mecca for classic enthusiasts, is a private location for a world event. Everything that has been left on automotive material in British barns or has ever been found, you will find it in an inimitable setting More

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