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    Old-timers in a transitional arrangement may return to the road

    The winter period within the transitional arrangement for old-timers is over. This means that owners of petrol vehicles that fall under the 2016 scheme will be allowed to use the road again from March 1 to November 30 of this year. Owners of a petrol-powered passenger car, truck or motorcycle entering the country for the first time More

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    A German Fastback. The VW type 3

    My first car was once a VW type 3 Fastback. The manager of the Lugtenburg garage, where my father was a customer, had said that the car was so good that he used it as a breakdown and rental car. With the sale of the VW to a customer's son, the entrepreneur touched both his More

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    Popularity classics 40 year and older is still growing.

    Taxation with regard to car use in our country still has a major influence on the old- and young-timer market. It's no secret that sales of classic cars from 25 to 40 years old have fallen sharply in recent years due to tightened tax regulations. VWE vehicle documentation and information put this More


    The Sportsters. No 'pick-up engines'

    Of course, we never talk that way about the members of the kinder modeled sex. But there are tribes of double-tatted hard core Harley riders who see it all differently. Harley-Davidsons Sportsters were once intended to be fiercely sporty Triumph to sweep Bonnevilles off the American roads. But just like everything and everyone in The More

  • hummer in winter

    It is winter! Buy a HMMWV or Hummer!

    It is winter. So the media reports slipperiness and danger. For a few nights where the mercury (dangerous!) went below zero (dangerous!). The Netherlands is steeped in a culture of fear. As an antidote there is and AMK number three. (Be careful going to the kiosk! It can be slippery! It's dangerous outside!) More

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    A household name for twenty years. The CUPRA label from SEAT.

    SEAT's CUPRA performance line will be celebrating its 2016th anniversary in 1996. The first generation saw the light of day in 1.8. The previous year, the Ibiza XNUMX Group A achieved encouraging results in the World Rally Championship, prompting SEAT to develop a revolutionary model: the Ibiza Kit Car. Provided with a More

  • Anglo Parts

    Anglo Parts has moved

    For more than 30 years, Anglo Parts has specialized in quality parts for English classic cars and accessories for classic cars. Anglo Parts is active in 11 European countries with its own branches and distributors. The head office of Anglo Parts in Mechelen (Belgium) has recently moved to Zandvoortstraat 53, located in the Mechelen Noord industrial estate. More

  • Pierburg carburetor

    To rule is to look into the future

    Audi opposed parent company VW with the slogan 'Vorsprung durch Technik'. A nice approach. But with a head start you are ahead of the crowd. And that can have consequences in the margins when you need specific parts - for example for your classic. Parts for – for example More

  • valve caps, dust caps, aluminum, body

    annoying valve caps

    It's the little things that do it. However? That is why we fully understand that running at a trot to top companies such as Action and Aldi to buy those beautiful aluminum valve caps for a minimal amount. Those little things can be true jewels for any classic. Oh yes: Ze More

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    Shoes for the Jag adept. Made by Oliver Sweeney and Jaguar

    Jaguar and lifestyle clothing and shoe brand Oliver Sweeney work together. It has now resulted in a series of beautiful shoes. The Whitley and Sayer collection saw the light of day last fall. And at the moment the Weslake's are “the formal driver shoes to have” for the Jaguar adept who, for example, with his beautiful classic E-Type More

  • About Classic Park Festivals BV:

    About Classic Park Festivals BV:

    Since April 2014, a unique experience center has been opened in Boxtel for lovers of classic and exclusive cars: Classic Park. The basis of the center is a museum with a changing collection of about 150 automobiles. In addition, the location will become the operating base for events with classic and exclusive cars and the complex offers opportunities for More

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