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  • Sexy leaflets

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated. Behind the Iron Curtain they also got it: “Sex Sells”. Well, in a neat way then. The approach behind that approach must have been global: The sucker thinks he'll get the girl if he buys the car/motorcycle/tool ​​kit/fishing equipment. Have marketers ever calculated how much more Read more

  • Kemperbergerweg 780, 6816 RX Schaarsbergen

    The VW Beetle of the wife of Seys Inquart

    The VW Beetle of the wife of Seyss Inquart. That seems like quite the find. It even seems too good to be true. It was therefore only very limited true. The VW Beetle, or better, a spectacled beetle, which was taken from Zeeland to Kemperbergerweg 780, 6816 RX Schaarsbergen (say: Arnhem) and Read more

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    Bestseller of Ottomobile models. The VW Beetle Oettinger.

     The Volkswagen Beetle lent itself during its career for performance-enhancing interventions. Certainly in the seventies there was a close triangle that was filled in by tuning, Volkswagen and Oettinger. The tuner from Hockenheim was able to maintain the Beetle character with subtle interventions and at the same time significantly increase the potential. Read more

  • The largest classic auction of the century

    The largest classic auction of the century

    The largest classic car auction of the century. It will take place this fall under the hammer of auction house RM Sotheby. Among other things, 430, usually rare and exclusive, post-WWII cars will be auctioned. That there are 68 Porsche 911s from 1965 among them should come as no surprise. in the car Read more

  • Hardenberg motorcycle fair

    Saturday: Hardenberg Motor Fair!

    Motor Show Hardenberg. A regionally world-famous classic motorcycle fair that is structurally too far away for many westerners. And that's understandable: Even for people from the east of the country, Hardenberg is still a dismal distance to the east. For many German exhibitors and visitors, however, it is a stone's throw from their Read more

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    Technorama Hildesheim. Valhalla for classic lovers.

    The conditions for a beautiful weekend in Hildesheim were created by the weather gods, among others. High summer temperatures were an extra guarantee for the Technorama Hildesheim for old-timer enthusiasts. They were able to ascertain the presence of beautiful classics, an overwhelming number of parts and accessories and enjoy the classic races. Experienced in total Read more

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    The Imperial Crown. Chrysler's top class

    The Imperial Crown. Chrysler's top class and answer to Cadillac and Lincoln. And that Imperial had to be made an independent sub-brand for it? Great marketing right? The 1963 Imperial Crown, which appears in AMK number 10, in the October issue, is the model from the time that the designers Exner and Engel were respectively at the Read more

  • Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

    Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

    Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA in a condition that would make even the greatest optimist sad. Between 1940-1945 quite a few vehicles ended up under water or in the ground. In the Russian plains between Berlin and Stalingrad, tanks and other weapons of war are still regularly removed from the soil or just Read more

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    The end of an era. MG stops British production.

    The Chinese MG mother SAIC pulls the plug from the British production of today's MG models. In Longbridge, MG models will soon no longer be rolling. The Chinese have decided that one central production facility is more efficient. Incidentally, not all activities with regard to the illustrious brand in Longbridge have been stopped. Read more

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    The NSU Lambretta, German or Italian?

    The NSU Lambretta, Germanic or Italian? After the Second World War, the battered society got going again. And what benefits a recovering society? That is economic tailwind and cheap motorized transport. At – the once world-famous – NSU they thought un-German flex and the company leaders decided that Read more

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    Heart transplants: Factory original or original?

    Heart Transplants: Factory Original or Original? Wars have not yet been fought over it. But many enthusiasts still spontaneously get flakes between their fingers when a completely different engine is spooned into a classic. Incidentally, this is a promotion that has been used for years to upgrade USA six-cylinder engines to V8 machines. Read more

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