2017. My year with Auto Motor Klassiek

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The calendar and classic year 2017 is almost over. It was an entertaining year for me. I visited various events and fairs. Made a number of reports again. And I met the unique Zapp family, who has been traveling around the world with a Graham Paige from 17 for 1928 years. I also became acquainted with various other stakeholders in the classic world. I also wrote articles about the strange political lines of thought (environmental zone!), And I looked back on various jubilating car models.

I had a special day on 4 June. Then I had the honor of being on behalf of Auto Motor Klassiek to be present as a guest speaker and jury member at the Jaguar Forum Meeting. In a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere I greeted numerous owners. Apart from an unwilling microphone, the day was beating in Beekbergen, where the cars, the owners and the surroundings made a beautiful alliance. I look back with pleasure on that day and am still grateful to Peter van Wijk and Simone Choudri for the fact that I was allowed to be part of the organization.

Valuable contact

I had spent a day earlier this year with Peter van Wijk and his Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 LWB from 1997. The flamboyant enthusiast Van Wijk and I shared pure car love and together delivered a great impression of the car and the day. I can certainly tell you: next year a car from Peter will also be in the AMK spotlights. Not a Jaguar, but a Mercedes Benz, the other car love of the owner. I look forward to that report for several reasons, not least because I am a Benz fan. In 2017, incidentally - again thanks to Peter's efforts - I also made a report about a Mercedes Benz: the 250 TD with two commas one million kilometers on the clock.

Varied reports in 2017

It was part of a larger set of reports that I made this year. They were all special to do. Every owner has his or her own unique story. And in a Fiat 133 you don't drive every day, and that also applies to a Honda Civic 1200 Hondamatic. And several historical models. Two Volvo copies - a 240 GL Injection from 1990 and the 1800 S from 1967 - anchored my affection for the Swedish brand even more firmly. And the week with the BMW 728 from 1979 confirmed to me that Bavarian classics make driving great. The double report with the MG MGC and the Mini Cooper 1.3 Mpi from Jouke Bloem and Jolanda van der Meer was a tasty cherry on the classic cake and the Cadillac Sedan de Ville Series 62 from Folkert Alta showed how much the Americans in the fifties were capable of turned out to present undisputed, graceful and flawless automobiles to the world. You can read the reports with the British and the American, as well as the experiences with Martijn Donker's Porsche 944, next year. Auto Motor Klassiek.

Highlight in Turin

I made the most beautiful reportage in Italy, in the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino. I, together with my son, the stopping place full of historic cars. There, in Turin, my son's car love was sealed. At the start of the calendar year 2017 he didn't want to know much about cars, but a year later everything is different. My son has developed a great interest in cars, and every father likes to share a shared passion with his son. On January 4 we will travel to Stuttgart, and we will immerse ourselves in the world of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

2018: Kickoff in Stuttgart

It is the kick-off for a new, beautiful year at Auto Motor Klassiek. I am looking forward to making a contribution again to the medium that is synonymous with beautiful impressions, advice, background information, news, information, columns and commercial offers. A medium that fits so well in the world of pure classic experience.

A prosperous New Year and a happy and healthy 2018!


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