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  • Arnhem environmental zone

    Environmental zone news continues to keep people in Belgium and the Netherlands busy.

    The environmental zone news continues to occupy people's minds and provide a distinction in urban policy. On 1 February, the Flemish equivalent of the Dutch environmental zone – the Low Emission Zone – in Antwerp will be updated. Meanwhile, it was announced in the Netherlands that the College of Mayor and Aldermen of Haarlem does not like an environmental zone More


    The BMW CSL. A restoration story

    The BMW CSL restoration report can be found in the February issue of AMK. And the owner of that elegant brute, who has the best motor oil flowing through his veins. Anorexe BMWs In the racing of their time, the Alpina tuned BMWs were too heavy. And not just a little bit. Jochen Neerpasch, Ford Motorsport Director More

  • Messerschmitt

    Messerschmitt in advertising

    Whether or not a Messerschmitt will appeal to you, it is and remains a cart that appeals to the imagination. This is what we call 'high cuddliness' nowadays… That was also the case in the past, in the years when you could still buy a new one for a few thousand guilders. We already informed you that in the Netherlands there are More

  • DDR Fahrzeuge

    DDR Fahrzeuge

    DDR Fahrzeuge, 'vehicles from the GDR', the former 'East Germany'. Does that sound exciting or not? We all know the Trabantjes and MZs. That they are the clothing icons from the time when governments still knew exactly how to do it. And how did that end? We know that. In the meantime, the DDR vehicle fleet was indebted More

  • bottom finds

    Soil finds

    Soil finds. That sounds like something between Kunst & Kitsch and mudeum work. However? But there's more. The Maas was partially dry after the tanker mate missed some information. But the water in the IJssel is also low. Usually at low tide you only see old bicycles and some shopping carts. Sometimes you suddenly see something More

  • Powder coating? You can do that yourself!

    Powder coating? You can do that yourself!

    Of course with some limitations in terms of size of the parts to be coated, but still… There are hobby sets on the market. For example, we found complete sets with our advertisers, including a spray gun with lance, foot switch, moisture separator, powder containers, electrostatic base unit and two spare nozzles. With half a kilo of black powder a nice base More

  • in ,

    Eight million times Audi quattro. A constant legend.

    The 8 millionth Audi quattro has rolled off the production line at the new Audi factory in San José Chiapa, Mexico. The quattro all-wheel drive debuted in 1980 and is currently available as standard or optional on more than a hundred model variants from Audi. History and development Audi regularly tested new models in the XNUMXs More

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So a Ducati tank The call 'what kind of tank is this?' has produced an answer. The tank once sat on a Ducati Indiana 650 or 750. And that was one thing that was known as an engine, but that was effectively banned from the collective memory here. Because to our honest knowledge it is the only ugly Ducati ever made.

    The tank ... From a Ducati Indiana 650

    Recently there was a question about an unknown tank. And from the digital highway the answer came via 'Cable'. The tank also sat on the only really ugly motorcycle that Ducati has ever made: On the Ducati Indiana 650. All visitors are hereby officially thanked.   More

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