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  • classics in the desert

    Finds in the sandbox. Classics in the desert

    Finds in the sandbox: Classics in the desert. In the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, quite a bit of money is involved. That is known. In those sparsely inhabited sandboxes, almost all work is done by 'guest workers'. Get out or go to jail. Of course there are all kinds of Asians, people from India and all that and Filipinos who live in a free Read more

  • Classic program

    A new classic program or old food?

    A new classic program. That sounds good right? But in fact it's about how positive contempt can turn out. We got a tip from a zapping fellow on RTL to take a look at 'Stop police' or something like that. We are never afraid to follow a tip and so went for the Read more

  • AMP plugs and earth

    AMP plugs and earth

    AMP plugs and ground: It's the little things that matter The most authentic electrical connections are those that use eye plugs. On -for example- the voltage regulator, the ignition coil(s) and instruments are threaded ends of usually M4 or M0. Just run a finger on acid-free Vaseline. The relevant plug eye over it. Read more

  • Environmental zone

    Surprise about statements by the municipality of Rotterdam during environmental zone lawsuit

    The fight against the environmental zone in Rotterdam continues. A number of camper and car owners are currently involved in the lawsuit against the municipality of Rotterdam. They feel disadvantaged because of the “green” measure in the port city. The administrators in Rotterdam continue to insist that the environmental zone has positive effects on air quality. Read more

  • unrestored, dans son jus, as found

    Unrestored, 'dans son jus' or 'as found'

    Unrestored is great these days. Cars and motorcycles that at the latest bear the burden of the years – RESTORE: have patina – are often worth more than restored ones. At least: They pay more. A car or motorcycle that has been used for more than half a century bears the traces of that. And then we talk Read more

  • Porsche

    Drive your Porsche into a book

    Owners of a classic Porsche can drive their car into a book. You don't have to put in a lot of effort if you have such a car: you only have to drive a route that the dealer centers have mapped out. Earlier this year, Porsche was the big winner in our National Classics Survey. Also now Read more

  • Hardenberg 2.0. Now even closer to Germany

    Hardenberg 2.0. With a surprising amount of car stuff

    Hardenberg is known for the motorcycle fair that motorcycle club de Gasschove organizes there twice a year. And that fair was for the first time at a different location than the trusted riding school last weekend. More space, more offer, more public Lots of moped stuff and lots of new tools. Those were the least interesting items in Hardenberg Read more

  • Trabant


    It is November 1989 when the Berlin Wall falls and with it, in addition to an unlikely number of 'happy' people, a new star also appears from behind this concrete firmament. The unexpected tearing down of the barrier between East and West Berlin yields thousands of Trabants, the status symbol of the German Democratic Republic. With much crackling and in Read more

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