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  • DeLorean DMC-12

    Wing lamb: DeLorean DMC-12

    The statement “like snow in the sun” seems to have been coined by DeLorean's story. The brand that could have succeeded for as many reasons as failed. However, the cause of the brand's fall just a year after the first DeLorean DMC-12 rolled off the line came from unexpected More

  • Honda CB450

    The Honda CB450 S. From class bike to classic

    The Honda CB450 S. From training bike to classic Just over the edge of the second half of the eighties of the last century. Does that sound classic enough? The Honda CB 450 S was put on the market in 1986 as a 'street fighter', but was best known for its wide use as a… Lesmotor. More

  • Porsche

    Porsche is celebrating its seventieth birthday this year

    Porsche celebrates its 8th anniversary this year. The first Porsche was registered on June 1948, 356: the 1 'Nr. 356' Roadster. On that day, the Porsche brand was born. The XNUMX was the realization of the sports car Ferry Porsche dreamed of. It was the start of a journey that would lead to the More

  • Honda Pacific Coast

    The Honda PC 800 Pacific Coast, Honda's double-bike

    That was a remarkable appearance in 1989: the Honda Pacific Coast PC 800. The machine was actually designed by the American Honda Research America to help American office commuters get to work on time. But the moment this strangely styled two-wheeler was introduced came just a few months before the American... More

  • Kawasaki LTD

    Doubt cases: The Kawasaki's LTD Z45O

    So the Kawasaki LTD. And if it's a Kawasaki LTD Z454, then it's almost the same thing, but it's from the States. And if 25+ is 'classic', then such a Kleine Kawa custom can now be classic. But is it a classic? Or becomes? We saw a ZGAN this weekend More

  • Siemens engine in Volvo Amazon combi
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    Electric Volvo Amazon combi

    Some consider it a sin or even sacrilege, others think it is the future. For me, converting from a classic to fully electric is a dream. Since May 2015 I have been converting my 1967 Volvo Amazon combi. The presentation of the Jaguar E-type Zero is for me a More

  • in ,

    The unique 911 S 2.2 from Ferry Porsche

    Porsches always appeal to the imagination, and of course that applies not least to the members of the Porsche family. For example, Ferry Porsche bought the 911 S 2.2 on this page. A car with special specifications, because just like various other members of the Porsche family, Ferry had the habit of driving his cars More

  • Jawa 350

    Jawa 350: Cheap or Expensive

    We often talk about former Eastern Bloc mopeds here. In the fifties and sixties they were leading, then they were worth nothing for quite some time. Then they found their lovers. Now prices are rising. To the indecent. Because recently a Jawa Californian still found in the crate was sold More

  • trade in

    The Bandentrapper and trade-in

    There was a time when you could also write crisis with a K (because it didn't exist anyway) and semi-classic cars were still tax-free. Yes really. In those days long gone, I decided to trade in my daily Renault 4. It seemed like a good idea, it was abandoned. This is how a . begins More

  • MZ ETZ

    Ostalgie: The MZ ETZs

    MZ ETZs. Trader in ex-government motorcycles Gerrit Kranenberg knows all about it: “They sold everything for next to nothing. And now they want it back.” Ostalgie The name for this trend is: 'Ostalgie', the nostalgia for the times of the GDR, of East Germany, when life was better for many Germans More

  • BMW R80 RT

    The BMW R80 RT is no longer a bargain

    Just ten years ago, BMW R80s were on offer quite a lot. For less. We are not talking about the GS or G/S models, but about the regular R80s. And those were in BMW drivers' eyes a weakness compared to the R100. More something for government services and less wealthy. More

  • Jaguar XJ
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    The exciting car year 1968. Part two.

    Last week we presented the first part of our selection of cars from 1968, which will see Abraham in 2018. In the year that was revolutionary in many ways, more newcomers came into the picture. Also this week we will put a number of jubilees from 1968 in the picture. Special cars, which will be introduced in that exciting car year More

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