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  • Classic driving

    Organizing and driving classic trips: Quite a job

    This weekend was apparently the start of the classic stage season. And that kind of excursion is one of the things that seems to always be popular. Setting out a ride, that's a lot of work! Because it's not just about organizing and plotting the ride. Behind every ride is a solid piece of organization […] More

  • Harley XLCR

    The Harley XLCR. From unsalable to unaffordable

    Harley-Davidson has a legendary reputation. And in all the hallelujah shouting it is usually omitted that the company has lived through such a shaky business history as many an Italian motorcycle manufacturer and that a nice set of bikes have rolled out the gate under the Harley banner that were simply impossible to sell. Real Harley Riders laughed at the […] More

  • Austin Maestro

    Austin Maestro. Moderately miraculous

    Miracle Maestro, ordained British Leyland when it was introduced in 1983. But as the successor to the infamous Austin Allegro, he didn't have his pedigree with him. The Allegro… This generously glazed Austin had the thankless job of making you forget “the worst car in the world”. For in spite of all optimism and feigned objectivity; the […] More

  • Mercedes-Benz

    Special Mercedessen at Louwman

    This summer the Louwman Museum is showing seven special Mercedes-Benz. Seven special cars from the fifties are on display in collaboration with the brand's factory museum. Hypercar One of them is das Blaue Wunder, the famous Renntransporter based on the 300 SL. With a speed of 170 kilometers per hour, […] More

  • R90S

    Orange above: the R90S in 'Daytona Orange' trim

    The BMW R90Ss were statements like jewels. They were BMWs, they were fast and they were cheerful orange: Daytona Orange (or seriously 'Silberrauch'). The colors were sprayed on. And that spraying was done by hand. Because of the freehand spraying, each R90S is actually a unique piece. Pasting is not allowed! And […] More

  • AlfaSouth

    A AlfaSud 1,5 TI. A survivor

    De Alfasud turned out to be a revelation for the automotive world. For the first time at Alfa Romeo opted for front-wheel drive. Inspired by VW? Alfa Romeo would conquer the world from the south of Italy with a new revolutionary, affordable mid-sized car. That became the AlfaSud. An entirely new engine was developed for the project, a 4 cylinder […] More

  • Harley

    A non-original Harley and other bicycles

    You can do anything with a Harley. And the supply market is happy to assist you in this. In this way, every Harley becomes unique in any case, at least some kind of convection. The Sportster: Not factory original, but highly original But the Harley in the photos ( it is registered as 883 cc, but measures the […] More

  • Suzuki GS 1000

    The Suzuki GS 1000, the big brother of the GS 750

    Things are always happening. Just when you talked about the qualities of the Suzuki GS 750, for example, an e-mail may come from a Slovak friend. A while ago I had already given him the address of someone who wanted to get rid of his Suzuki GS 1000 for age reasons. A […] More

  • Over the Top

    "Over the top?"

    We expect no different from The States. There the idea prevails that 'More' is always better. And Germans chrome everything they can get chromed. Stylish and classic But now look at what's on sale for just $11.000; Unfortunately, the owner emphatically does not ship to the Netherlands. Still a […] More

  • Honda Magna

    The Honda Magna V65, "V for victory?"

    With the 'Sabre', the 'Magna' and the 'Interceptor', Honda put an end to the concept of 'UJM', universal Japanese motorcycle. The series had V4 blocks instead of the four-in-line engines that had become so common. We take a look at the thickest cruiser in the family: the Honda Magna V65 that was introduced in 1983. Honda wanted […] More

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