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  • car

    Special photos of classic engines and classic cars

    We put messages online seven days a week. These are relatively short texts with photos, of classic motorcycles and cars. Or messages about technology or products. We do this for free and that reader service is usually very much appreciated. And the number of visitors to our site is impressive. For much more extensive stories we have of course More

  • Volvo 740

    The Volvo 740 estate car. a real Volvo

    That was, from 1984, a pretty big car. A very real Volvo. With the drive via the rear wheels. As it should. The Volvo 740s were famous as a sedan and world famous as an 'estate' for their cargo space. Volvo 740 estates have even been delivered as a hearse for the famous 'last ride'. An impressive car More

  • Paris Motor Show

    50 year Jaguar XJ and 70 year Land Rover at the Paris Motor Show

    Jaguar Land Rover continues this year's festivities at the Paris Motor Show (2-14 October 2018). On the stand, Jaguar Land Rover will showcase legendary cars from the past, cutting-edge models of today and forward-thinking models of the future. There is a lot of attention for the Jaguar XJ, which fifty years ago – in the More

  • Kawasaki LTD

    Not every classic is an investment: Kawasaki LTD

    'Classics are only bought by investors anymore'. That is not true. Recently we saw two classic – because 25+ years young bikes – two Kawasaki's facing a rather uncertain future. They weren't Mach III and a Z900. And, however beautiful and good and dated they are: they More

  • Rover 200

    The Rover 200, a successful hybrid.

    For quite some time there has been controversy about whether or not the Rover 200 line is Real English and/or Real Rover. Because the Rover 200 was quite a lot of Honda. The Rover 200 series was Anglo/Japanese And that Rover 200 series and the later the Rover 25 were sold by the British between 1984 and 2005. More

  • Indian Scout

    An Indian Scout and his story

    In short, it is sometimes said that Indian made the better motorcycles with better tech, but that Harley-Davidson scored with its street-fighter mentality and better marketing. The Indian (Military) Scout Bee – the left and right already ravaged by mismanagement 1.0 – Indian put out the fire under the chips More

  • Nissan Micra

    The Nissan Micra as a classic

    It was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in October: The Nissan Micra. And that Nissan Micra was clearly a reference to 'micro'. Incidentally, the car was called 'March' in English, and that name had emerged as the best name in a public survey. The Micra was Nissan's entry-level model and was a drab city car. And More

  • Motorcycles

    Small, light motorcycles

    Small light motorcycles. Then from day 1 of motorcycle history we are talking about about 80+% of all motorcycles that were and are being made worldwide. Because motorcycles were the motorized transport for people without money for a car. And the step from a bicycle to a light motorcycle was made faster than that one More

  • Wheels in the West

    29 and 30 September: second edition Wheels in the West

    The second edition of Wheels in the West will be held on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September. Place of performance: the Plantarium building on the border of Boskoop and Hazerswoude-Dorp. After the successful first edition last year, those responsible decided to expand Wheels in the West into a total event around classic cars. More

  • Metro

    Again: the (MG) Metro

    In a previous post we made some comments about the Austin/MG Metro. AMK reader Johan Dekker found the tone of this clearly too critical. We contacted him and we found an enthusiast with a large frame of mind. He has his Metro as 11 years, and the car is still More

  • Truimph Paladin

    Coming soon AutoMotorKlassiek: From Triumph Paladin

    In 1971 I read in my newspaper 'Motor' printed on newspaper about the motorcycle that changed my life: The Paladijn, the creation of Ab van Ginhoven. Although Ab van Ginhoven was a full-blooded technician, romance was apparently no stranger to him. After all, he called his new acquisition 'Paladin'. And a paladin, that was a More

  • Mrs

    An assertive lady

    A satisfied smoker… Last summer my Lief and I sat on a terrace. What to drink with it. Cigar with it. Then a passing lady took the trouble to stop at our table to point out that we smokers are a nuisance to the well-being and health of the people. More

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