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  • BSA B33

    The BSA B33 and the knees

    A BSA B33 is the example. But the story then turns to the knees of the declining generation of owners of B33s and similar motorcycles. Because to start a British 500 cc single-cylinder, you need quite a bit of pedaling power. The thick single-pitters – and much more beautiful ones – have been […] More

  • 190

    The Mercedes-Benz 190. Even classic

    You can still see them driving. Because they are just great cars. And recently I saw a Mercedes 190 owner doing an Action restoration on the wheel edges with putty and two spray cans at the curb. The result turned out pretty neat. Connoisseurs once seriously doubted whether the 'small' Mercedes had any chance […] More

  • Harley

    Free attention to companies: An old Harley

    We give free attention to companies Auto Motor Klassiek online quite often if relevant The site is not our most important revenue model, but it now attracts so many visitors that we simply cannot avoid the fact that our site is also an important carrier for people who share our passion professionally. Both for […] More

  • Ford Anglia

    The Ford Anglia (1959-1967)

    In the aftermath of the Second World War, the English Ford was forced to continue embroidering on the pre-war models for a long time. That was because the company, the country, needed a long time to recover after that war. But in 1959, Ford reinvented itself. Because then Ford England presented its […] More

  • Mini Moke

    The Mini Moke was not a Jeep

    The Mini Moke (1964-1993) is based on the legendary Mini of the British Motor Company (BMC), designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. "Moke" means "donkey" in a local dialect. And donkeys are usually not luxury horses, but burden bearers. This creation has been marketed under various names of the various divisions such as: […] More

  • Suzuki Alto

    The Suzuki Alto. The classic of your dreams?

    Dreaming with reality: At Wentink Hobby, the scale models and large men's toy specialist from Arnhem, I asked a salesperson for advice. I was looking for a scale model of the classic I had. The seller was genuinely surprised. After all, people bought scale models of the classics of their dreams? Not from what they had. Buy […] More

  • Harley

    Memories of Utrecht and Harley

    Today, we motorcyclists are still seen as taunts by some people. And that while we can be a bit overconfident at most. But that all was once different, we heard during a visit from a Really Old motorcyclist who had wasted his youth in the swampy lanes of the Utrecht lowlands. He […] More

  • Eelde Classics

    24 and 25 November. Eelde Classics.

    On November 24 and 25, the Flowerdome in Eelde will open its gates for the annual event Eelde Classics. Autotron has been organizing the fair for years, and expectations are high again for this edition. Visitors can indulge themselves again during the annual party, which celebrates the classic in all facets, types […] More

  • BSA

    A BSA 65 Lightning

    I was in my early twenties, a member of the TOCN, had one Triumph T150V, was madly in love with a smart and beautiful young lady and bought an almost equally beautiful BSA A65 Lightning for 1850 guilders. The gathering of years just continued, the membership of the TOCN disappeared. The contacts […] More

  • Aermacchi

    An Aermacchi Ala Verde 250

    Aircraft manufacturer Aeronautica Macchi dived into the emerging market for mass motorization in 'The Fifties' and started making scooters and then motorcycles. The first result of that approach were the Aermacchi Corsaro 150, from 1955 and the lavishly plated Chimera 175. So in 1957 it was time for new […] More

  • Coolant

    How sweet! Pink coolant!

    You will do your love or daughter a favor with that! But coolant is supposed to be green, right? Not so. But are all coolants – other than the waterless ones we mentioned recently – the same? Mwah. Kind of. We got some interesting responses to the waterless coolant text. We are going […] More

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