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  • Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

    Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint | 1964

    Look at that… There she is. All alone. Almost shy. She knows we're staring at her perfect lines. Down her hips to her beautifully sculpted, modest rear with those signature deep-set taillights. Through its clear windows to the 55 year old leather. She knows this needs to be replaced… She's ashamed More

  • in

    Be your own MOT inspector.

    An APK inspector is not insignificant So we are not joking about that. But even without a multi-gas meter and brake test bench you can come a long way as a classic enthusiast. With common sense. You can control your own car well with limited resources. In the process you get to know your own car and keep it safe on the road. More

  • Mazda Truck?

    Mazda Truck?

    This is what they called this tricycle that was often used on the Greek islands and elsewhere in the world. As far as is known, this has never been seen in the Netherlands. A special design, and certainly suitable for the changing landscape on the Pelion peninsula where this photo was taken by Jan Prins. So a rare one for us More

  • spark plugs

    Viewed under the hood: the spark plugs

    When purchasing a classic, the spark plugs are never really looked at. If the engine starts well, then it's good. The spark plugs are important After research, the manufacturer has determined which type of spark plug with which degree of heat best suits its engine, under normal load. In the past, the designation was more specific. More

  • ABS

    ABS and other festivities

    In 1988 BMW released the K100. With ABS. All the Old School bikers reared up. The time of real driving and thinking for yourself was now definitely over. Now there are motorcycles with ABS, cruise control, traction control, power launch, quickshifters, anti hopping clutches, servo and slipper clutch, and wheelie and stoppie control. Plus of course active suspension More

  • Austin

    My father's car: The Austin 'Champ'

    The Austin 'Champ' De Champ wasn't actually called that and there wasn't one. But within the family, the thing was simply called "the Jeep." My father had saved for it, because he had experienced the liberation as a late teenager. But because he was not actually a car driver, brand expert or technician, he caught on More

  • Classic transport

    Classic transport, a profession in its own right

    Jan Tinga had a garage company in Leimuiden for many years. That company has since passed on to its successor. Jan was also very deeply involved in the classic transport to all kinds of festive rally locations. Because we understood each other well and because I also have a large driver's license (wheel vehicle mechanic and fat DAF driver in class 76/5) I am More

  • LADA 2105

    Lada 2105 - owner unknown

    This Lada 2105 (relationship with Fiat is clear) is probably worn down to the wire and therefore left in the Greek nature. This phenomenon was also known in the Netherlands in the 50s, when the license plate was removed and the wreckage was lost somewhere afterwards. The municipality was then a thorn in it More

  • Megaton

    Megaton dampers 1972-1992

    Megaton, Dunstall, OEM, all sound… It was quite a hassle to explain to a motorcycle agent that under a 750 cc Triumph Trident really hear megaton mufflers. And not an ordinary one! Mine were adapted by Kees van der Starre himself. Now there are real motorcycle cops, there are also municipal part-time motorcycle cops, all of them More

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