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    Rare: Beetle with cross coolers

    Air intakes in the side of the front fenders can of course not be called anything other than 'Crotch coolers' or 'cross coolers'. This option was only available on a 1951/1952 Deluxe 'glasses'. Details like the cross coolers are rare. So wanted. So they make the VW worth more. This Beetle in the photos is at Gallery Aaldering and is Read more

  • A strange day

    A strange day

    It was a strange funeral for someone who had lived his life and trade in his very own way. The climax of the ceremony was the man who calmly walked to the pulpit, greeted those present properly, and then said that he had come only to be on the safe side and wished the widow that Read more

  • Brexit

    Brexit and concerns about the British car industry

    In August 2013, BBC 2 provided an unforgettable car evening. Top Gear brought an impressive conclusion to the twentieth Top Gear season. This was crowned with an ode to the British automotive industry. It reached its peak at The Mall in London, where everything that was built in Britain in the motorized field came together. “That's more Read more

  • Trikes
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    Trikes .... Strange but funny

    (VW) Trikes. You see them quite a lot And administratively they are quite often classics. Most of them are based on the rear section of a Beetle's undercarriage. They are pure fun machines. But their 'roots' lie in the utility corner. Harley Trikes Motorcycles were things for suckers who couldn't afford a car. Sidecars were Read more

  • gasoline

    The difficult gasoline story

    Gasoline is a volatile, flammable petroleum derivative. For people interested in the deeper backgrounds of this matter, we recommend purchasing “Lucky Luke in the shadow of the derricks”. But we decided to go in depth. Without air miles. E 10. And then? Or: E10, the New Naft That is 'naft' Read more

  • Citroën Xantia

    Citroën Xantia and Assets

    Citroën has turned 100 this year. One hundred years young. And in those 100 years, the brand has proven itself time and time again as unique. Citroën made cars with character. Cars that people fell in love with (or didn't want to be seen dead). Meanwhile Citroën much more mainstream (and the 'boss' at Read more

  • Theft
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    Theft: The season has started again

    fore. The time when we bring out our classics again. We have already received some messages via social media that there were people who discovered a unique, classic-shaped void upon arrival at their storage facility. Theft is seasonal. In the case of rented parking space, insurance problems all too often arise afterwards. go for it Read more

  • Chapron

    The topless Goddesses from Chapron

    Citroen Chapron DS convertibles are so rare that there are already more on the road than ever made. So beware of counterfeiting! Incidentally, there are also beautiful DS convertibles that did not come from Chapron or pretend they did. We assume that you as a possible candidate Read more

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    These cars will be forty in 2019. 1979 Part two

    At the beginning of this year we presented a number of cars that celebrated their 6th anniversary this year, and are therefore officially classic according to the Dutch tax legislator. In this overview we briefly present the second part with jubilees. Alfa 6 The first car in this overview is a genuine Italian: the Alfa XNUMX. Read more

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