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  • Peugeot 304
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    Peugeot 304. A golden handle

    In September 1969, the Peugeot 304 is presented to the general public in Paris. Peugeot uses the technical principles for the 304 (suspension, front-wheel drive, transversely mounted light-alloy engine with gearbox underneath) and the center section of the 204. The wheelbase is also the same as the 204 dimensions. The front is inspired Read more

  • Humber

    Humber and other veterans

    'Veteran' is a designation of the English Vintage Motor Cycle Club for motorcycles from 1905 to 1914. Humber Limited was a pioneering British motorcycle manufacturer. Humber produced the first practical motorcycle in Britain by fitting one of their Humber bicycles with a two horsepower EJ Pennington engine in 1896. It started with license building Read more

  • Saab

    The Saab of Aunt Cornely

    Saab made cars for individualists. Aunt Cornely was an internist, unmarried all her life and a Saab driver. She preferred to drive blue cars, but also had a silver-grey Saab. Aunt Cornely was highly educated, highly intelligent, quite a bit quirky, and she had a penchant for security. She was what once a typical Read more

  • Xantia

    The Xantia, also an 25 + er

    In 1987 started Citroën make plans about the successor to the then successful one Citroën BX. Because Citroën In order to fight the competition broadly, two models eventually succeeded the BX: a model in the compact middle class: the ZX, and a model in the larger middle class: the Xantia. Read more

  • A112

    The Autobianchi A112. From road planner to evergreen

    The Autobianchi A112 is presented on October 2, 1969. It marks an era where the application of front-wheel drive and the creation of optimal space is increasingly prominent on manufacturers' agendas. The Autobianchi A1 that emerged from Giacosa's project X2/112 is a success. The Italian Supermini, which Gandini also had a hand in, Read more

  • Kawasaki

    Kawasaki and the record in Noordeloos

    Kawasaki stands for dynamism. It is one of the four major Japanese brands. And it is a brand with loyal followers. Nol Bikker of Nol Bikker Motoren in Noordeloos – the company has existed for 40 years – is a passionate Kawasaki dealer and last Saturday made a successful attempt to Read more

  • Rover P4

    Rover P4, the doctor's car

    When most people think of 1963, they think of the gruesome Elfstedentocht from that year. JFK was shot dead in Dallas. And our GP had a new car: a Rover P4. “Because that car always started.” And that is quite important for a doctor. An upgrade in quality Until the mid-thirties built Read more

  • Road attendants
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    Roadside assistance and the ANWB

    That was a bit of a shock for the young roadside officer. A carburettor, the distributor cap with contacts underneath (Whee! Contacts! How nice!), just visible rods and a malfunction that he could not read. Fortunately, with his digital multimeter, he found the wire break that had brought my classic to a halt. And I thought that I Read more

  • Sidecar ride

    Sidecar driving is different

    Driving a sidecar is different. At the motorcycle shop was a combination that looked as if it had driven at full speed into a fairly mature ditch. And look, it was. But there is a teaching moment in the story. Driving a sidecar is a branch of service that is just as Read more

  • buy

    'Acheter' is to buy. AV is 'for sale'

    Yesterday was about finding and buying classics in Croatia. “That's nice, but I don't understand those people. I always go to France.” “Do you speak French then?” "New. Or hardly.” That had to sink in for a while. But the holidays are coming again. So go ahead. `Acheter une voiture classique en France´ A Read more

  • Croatia

    Classics in Croatia

    Classics in Croatia. What you get is good, my grandmother said. And Croatia? That's far enough. Steven Bosdijk explains: “It's like this. So I went to visit friends of a Croatian friend of mine whom I have known for at least 25 years. You can describe them both as 'hoarder'. Read more

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