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  • Triumph Tiger

    Theo, "Somebody Else" and an old man Triumph Tiger

    Wrench Ernie and I stood happily at Project 13C and pulled open a swing-top bottle of Grolsch as Theo and Someone Else drove into the yard. Someone Else had a problem stated Theo: “He has stepped back, has that there – a thumbs up to the bike that until recently won all the comparison tests in the world – More

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    Alfa Romeo Dauphine, just like a Renault

    Text and photography: Martin Philippo When the Second World War is over, the French Renault and the Italian Alfa Romeo become state-owned companies. Both are tasked with making cars for the people. At Renault that succeeds more than excellent, Alfa Romeo struggles with the competition of that Italian giant: Fiat. That brand has More

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    A day at Concours d'Élégance at Soestdijk Palace

    On 24 and 25 August, the time-honoured Concours d'Élégance had its baptism of fire at Soestdijk Palace. At the invitation of Peugeot Netherlands I walk around there. And I greet Dutch etiquette, which concludes in itself a curious mix of automotive beauty, etiquette and sometimes dormant indecency. Fun, refreshing, that's what it is on Soestdijk. More

  • Lilac

    Lilac. From Marusho. They were flops

    Make and type can be very decisive for the 'value' of a classic. Either financially or emotionally. Rarity is also such a value-determining component. And so the sales flops from then can now be very sought after. Sometimes because they are now better than ever. (The ill-famed Yamaha TX750 'foam beater' lost after some modifications More

  • Renault Rodeo

    Renault Rodeo. Much cheaper than one Citroën Mehari

    Beautiful Meharis have become unbelievably expensive for the ABS pastries that they are. And that is partly the fault of winemaker Ilja Gort. Such a Mehari is no more than a 2 CV platform with a Tupperware pinafore. And that very neat copies are offered for € 5 less than € 20.000? Ah: ordinary More

  • Import

    Import from a classic: do it or have it done?

    The Internet has made the world much smaller. If it turns out that your dream classic is (much) cheaper in another country than here? Then importing is a good option. Don't buy and import blindly on a few photos. In countries like the USA and Brazil, restoration standards are sometimes horribly different than here. Import within the More

  • Classics

    Classics, partners, travel. And the dog

    You are welcome everywhere with a classic. The presence of a partner is usually no problem either. But then there's that third wheel on the wagon, the dog. In themselves all perfect components for a perfect life. But sometimes the components don't mix so easily. A trip in a classic is for More

  • Oldtimer and Classicbeurs Leek

    Oldtimer and Classicbeurs Leek: 11, 12 and 13 October.

    On 11, 12 and 13 October 2019, the Sports Center in Leek will once again open its gates for many old-timer enthusiasts. Then Anton Rosema and his people organize the 24th edition of the Oldtimer and Classicbeurs Leek. The always atmospheric and, moreover, excellently organized event offers every reason again this year to More

  • Malanca

    Malanca motorcycles

    Malanca (1956-1986). For quite a few people that is a name that makes them look a bit pensive. In connection with the construction years of the thinkers, we are then in the corner of the once famous Italian sports mopeds that made all German and Dutch mopeds look so unbelievably clumsy. they looked More

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    About the Volkswagen Beetle, Land Rover Series III and more information about various classics

    Worth knowing Do you know why a Volkswagen Beetle from 1970 until its European end in 1979 was given the type designation 1302/1303? The solution is simple. Simca already had the type designation 1301 in use… The Land Rover Series III remained virtually unchanged for 1971 years from 13. Until the type was replaced in 1984 by More

  • rubber

    'Soften' old rubber

    Handy tip from a reader. The way to make hardened rubber from windows, for example, soft and usable again: put them in an (old) pillowcase, then in the washing machine, add an overdose of fabric softener and wash at 50 degrees. This way, this rubber is not only clean, but also flexible again! Do ask permission More

  • North France

    Northern France revisited

    Northern France has been a favorite holiday destination for a number of years. With a distance of about 400 kilometers it is well within the day travel distance of most classics. And besides, you can make nice parts of the ride 'inside'. On the way to the south Northern France is the piece of land where every holidaymaker More

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