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  • Mazda MX-5 side

    Mazda MX-5… Beauty & The Beast

    Beauty & The Beast: René Bohnen exposed Mazda MX-5 to extremes "On the edge" "If you love driving, you can't help but fall in love with a Mazda MX-5," says René Bohnen and the resounding success of the model underlines its right. He has the right to speak after all Read more

  • trade

    Classics: the trade ... the prices

    Trade and prices. Those are weird things. A friend of mine has a BMW R68. He was approached by someone who was interested. But that man wanted to trade. He had a BMW HP2 and an Early GS with real Dutch registration. There was something to talk about. The next Read more

  • Mercedes-Benz 500SEC side front

    Mercedes-Benz 500SEC at winter-sale Old-timer farm

    It is a beautiful period, gifts, fun and – which you may not think of one, two, three – attractive discounts from the various specialists in classics. The latest edition of AMK is full of them. Unfortunately, the correct advertisement from the Belgian classic specialist Oldtimerfarm was missing. Because they keep their winter sale from Read more

  • Honda CB 500 F jogging suit

    Honda CB 500 F. The smaller success

    An old saying: you can still dance, if not with the bride. Honda shocked the world in 1969 with the revolutionary CB 750 OHC Four. That machine was voted 'engine of the century' last century. But the Honda CB 750 was a (financial) bridge too far for many people. Read more

  • Jaguar XJ12

    Jaguar XJ12 ... so British

    For us as classic enthusiasts, this is not a happy atmosphere for this stylish Brit. Despite the state of the Jaguar XJ12, we can still enjoy the curvaceous body lines. We are sometimes attacked by a melancholic thought to get the classic out of the long grass for next to nothing. This symbol of wealth Read more

  • Studebaker Silver Hawk

    Studebaker, too small to win

    My two favorite toy cars were Corgi Toys, the slightly nicer cousins ​​of the Dinky Toys. They were the 1928 Bentley 3 Liter of Avenger John Steed and the Studebaker Golden Hawk. “A 'Hawk' is a hawk,” my father explained. Studebaker, problems in 1933 1n 1966 In 1736 relatives of the Read more

  • Riley Mk3

    Riley Mk3 ... a challenge?

    What on earth has Willem van Strik to put time, energy and euros into a lifeless Riley Mk3? An oldtimer whose clutch has exploded and with a broken gearbox was parked in Belgium where it drove for years? Naturally, his homeland is England where the Riley is known as 'One Point Five' by the Read more

  • VW Porsche 914-6 front

    Porsche 914-6. A true Porsche

    So the Porsche 914-6. In the car world – before the big brand incest started – we were quite conservative and brand-stable. Someone could be genetically a Porsche driver. And be proud of that. We didn't have much to do with excesses. From something as outlandish as a straight-line Porsche with a mid-engine, for example. And the thing still smelled Read more

  • Buy oldtimer

    Buy oldtimer?

    You should take this into account when purchasing Who does not want to drive and enjoy a real classic. Super fun of course, but there are a few things you have to take into account if you want to buy a classic car. It is with the purchase of every car 'with experience' Read more

  • DAF 33

    Daf, a day out with a smile

    A day of driving Daf 32 and 33 means a real step back in time and wonder about the brilliant Variomatic. Today, they are still fun, and make people smile. Both in passing and behind the wheel. They are worthy of reporting. Read more

  • BMW

    Llwellyn, his BMW and Carmelita

    'Llwellyn - Pronounce 'Lyn' - Flint. Sounds like the name of a warrior from a Welsh hero saga. Llwellyn is not a warrior. He is a poet. He has the look of a mildly surprised flax-haired gnome. He is one of those vague acquaintances who occasionally find themselves in someone's life Read more

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