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  • Cadillac Eldorado Seville

    Cadillac Eldorado Seville by Sietse Hansma. Rare

    Cadillac has traditionally been a manufacturer that mainly built exclusive cars. In the fifties the Americans also came up with the Eldorado series. It was the name of the luxury brand's top-of-the-line range. In 1958 the Eldorado even unintentionally became exclusive. Take the Cadillac Eldorado Seville. In 1958, even More

  • Schagen car museum

    Schagen car museum. And 'Such'

    That 'this' is North Holland. Google Translate would say 'and the like'. The chance that you will find masses of people in the Automuseum Schagen is quite minimal. It will probably be busier on the nearby beach with this weather. So let's keep this story to ourselves. In the beginning Arie Kapitein (born in De Zijpe in More

  • Opel Kadett A.

    Opel Kadett A. Top seller! 

    This Opel Kadett A is from 1965 and its new destination is a small-scale museum in the northern region. In the 60s, Opel could really compete with the successful VW Beetle, because the Opel Kadett A became a top seller due to the lower price and the larger and beautiful design. Through: More

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    1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. What a great find. Part 1

    After I advertised a Chevrolet 150 in Germany at the beginning of March, I got a special response. Whether I was interested in a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. A car that was originally delivered in the Netherlands in 1957, from the first owner, stainless and stored since 1985. By: Daniël Schop Of course I had ears More

  • Renault 25 TXIA

    Renault 25 TXI. Beloved business car

    Due to the relentless enthusiasm of the Renault fan Jaap, we touch the keyboard again to describe its part in preserving the mobile heritage. His Renault 8 S and his possession of a car with temperament have already been discussed: the Renault A 110. This time his Renault 25 is More

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    An old acquaintance

    Because we don't walk with those proven useless masks, we recognized each other "You are...?" Some forty years since the last meeting, there was a moment of doubt. But yes: “It was us.” And apparently at least part of the interest from then had remained, because we met at the More

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    MZ, Jawa and Planeta: Socialist workhorses

    The world once smelled happy and carefree. With the Second World War behind us, the economy went uphill and 'everyone' turned to motorized transport. Here in the Netherlands, that transport mainly consisted of endless herds of mopeds. 49 cc two-stroke with big wheels and pedals. There were countless Dutch manufacturers who usually used their motorcycle blocks More

  • Alpine V6 front

    Alpine V6 Purchase Advice (1985-1991)

    Alpine V6. Smooth boy with a good heart. Beautiful sports cars were all over the place in the eighties, but who still has a sharp eye for all of them? The Alpine V6, also known as GTA, seems to be getting a little bit of obscurity and that doesn't do it justice More

  • Jan Wolters' Rolls-Royce Hall of Fame

    Jan Wolters' Rolls-Royce Hall of Fame

    The Rolls-Royce hobby is addictive because it is so much fun. Jan discovered special Rolls-Royces in England together with his hobby friend. They did not stop at looking and admiring, but they were bought and taken. By: Dirk de Jong If you have passion for something then you just have to give in to it and with others More

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