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    A classic as a daily transport column

    My classic Ural has been upgraded from toy to daily transport. We are still looking for a suitcase set for a Guzzi V65C. But as a daily driver, the Ural naturally does what it is made for: It provides transport. And offers a lot of space for the messages. More

  • Matt Murena

    Matra Murena. A wonderful mix

    Murenas were made from 1980 to 1983 in the Matra factory in Romorantin. Due to the collaboration with PSA, the car was sold under the brand name Talbot as Talbot-Matra Murena. In fact, the Murena was a bluff. It looked elegant and sporty, but in terms of motor and performance, a Murena was more of a ladies' car than a track monster. More

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    The New Cars of 1970. Part Two

    Today we present part two of the fascinating car year 1970, in which we describe a number of newcomers. Ford came up with More car between the wheels, Datsun provided the icing on the cake and Mazda sang A Capella. In other words: in this part we describe the Ford Taunus/Cortina generation (TC1), the Datsun Cherry (100A/120A) and More

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    Ford Cortina - A Cortina and the Swedish trim

    If you ever throw away a classic, are you a dealer? If you have had a classic for over forty years, are you a collector? Jan Tinga from Ter Aar does not care. He is very pleasant. He doesn't have a Ford Cortina, but he has two. But you cannot have everything. More

  • Citroën Traction Avant

    Citroën Traction Avant. He can't make a slip!

    If you are a fan of the Citroën Traction Avant then you can appreciate this photo. It has now become a magical car due to its beauty and rarity. The meaning given to a 'slipper' here is quite different. It was intended that this text would draw attention to the More

  • Hyundai pony

    Hyundai Pony and Hyundai Stellar. The beginning

    While North Korea is currently drawing most of the news, South Korea has been in the works for much longer and more constructively. In 1987 Hyundai already made over 700.000 cars. Only not many of them came to us yet. That changed considerably from 1988. Because Hyundai made good cars at fair prices. By the way, Hyundai means as much as 'modern times'. So the Hyundai Pony and Hyundai Stellar. More

  • Renault 9

    Renault's forgotten generation

    In September 1981, Renault presented the 9, a four-meter sedan with a striking rectangular design. This car was named “Car of the Year 1982”. Two years later, the three- and five-door Renault 11 followed to make the 14 forget. It had a third or fifth door with a panoramic rear window. The Renault 21 also belongs to that forgotten generation of Renaults, which this article is about. More

  • Trabant 601 S fire brigade

    Trabant 601 S fire engine. Erik Riemersma's adventure

    Erik Riemersma and his friends are always looking for excitement, thrills and adventure. Who doesn't know the stories that every boy wanted to be a police officer or a firefighter? Together with his friends he accomplished something, accomplished something. About five years ago, they found this Trabant 601 S in an old warehouse in Groningen. More

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    Ural and the Corona Jitters, a column

    Here in the quiet Gelderland we have little trouble. But it does not pass us by completely unnoticed… The Corona jitters. I turned a short U turn and was right in front of the entrance of the pharmacy. Where the pharmacy is now, there used to be a bank. There is still an ATM in the hall. I wanted to draw some cash, took off my helmet and put it in the sidecar box, got off and walked to the door behind which, in these strange times for freelancers, I still hoped to draw some money. More

  • VW T3 restoration

    VW T3 by Hans Rump and an original restoration

    Much is said and written about keeping a classic original. One owner keeps it to the original specifications, or restores it in this way. The other opts for a conversion to electric. Hans Rump chose evolution, and put his personality in his VW Typ2 T3 Pritschenwagen. He saved him from destruction and created something special: a VW T3 with 1.9 TDI engine and 147 HP. It was an original restoration, without Hans keeping the original condition intact. But it did unambiguously hold onto the character of the Volkswagen.  More

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