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  • DKW Hummel

    DKW Hummel. ULM, small, but brave

    Once, when children playing football on the street would hide when they saw the local police officer approaching on his service bicycle ... Recovery: Once when the moped youth had a lot of fun with the local cop on his microlight. More

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    Honda and the Bami blocks

    It's that time again: A massive revival of motorcycling (including the love of classics) is reported. And now De Jeugd would also hook up. We don't see it going that fast, also because we've heard the story so many times. More

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    The value of paper. And an R5 Turbo 2. Or a BMW

    If a painting says 'Rembrandt' or 'Picasso', that painting is worth more than an equally beautiful painting without a name on it. It becomes exciting again when a painting is not painted by Rembrandt or something, but that the name of the painter is on it. More

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    Head-and-butt cars

    I could not have imagined it still happened. But in a hall, where an acquaintance of mine had rented some square meters, I saw a 'head-and-butt car' in the making. An 'straightening bench' had been made on the ground with a few heavy profile beams. And on that, the blue front half of a 2015'er Jaguar XF was comfortably close to a white rear of such a Jag. More

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    Ford Escort Mk 3. Momentary love, lasting sympathy

    In 1980 Ford presented the third generation of the successful Escort. In essence, the new Escort was a completely different car constructed from its first and second generation predecessors. It was also a fashionably designed model for its time. In the spirit of the times, it took hatchback shape, rather sharp More

  • Classic insurance

    Classic insurance

    Are you planning to purchase a classic? Then you must of course also insure it. There are special old-timer insurance policies for classic cars. But how old does a car actually have to be to be labeled an 'oldtimer'? This differs per insurer. More

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    BMW R90S. Orange above

    The BMW R90Ssen were resounding statements. They were BMWs, they were fast and they were a cheerful orange: Daytona Orange (or seriously 'Silberrauch'). The colors were sprayed on. And that spraying was done by hand. Because of that spraying from the wrist, every BMW R90S is actually unique. More

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