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    Porsche 911. RECOVERY: 912

    The Porsche 912 is a 911 minus two cylinders. That's blunt, because the block is identical to that of the 356's. The four-cylinder was intended as an entry-level model for Porsche drivers without money for the 911 six-cylinder.  Read more

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    Suzuki T20

    In the mid-XNUMXs, motorcycling - right on the side - was saved from certain death. Because motorcycles were on the verge of extinction because the economic situation after WWII had meanwhile become so prosperous that De Gewone Man could afford a car. And if you - at the time still as Head of Family - compare a car as a means of transport and means of transport with a motorcycle? Then there was literally no reason to keep driving. Motorcycling was for poor people such as students and other less fortunate and social fringe figures. Read more

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    'Japs don't send'

    That was once a "science" of every pub tiger whose Triumph or Ducati was broken. But in fact it was just an urban legend. Because a fresh Japanese with a good pilot was a formidable weapon in the fight against the faltering but established order. The fact that the Japanese motorcycles just remained intact? That was no cause for grumbling, but resulted in the growth of customers. More and more customers. Read more

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    Instant classic driving: Just keep going

    There are people who buy a new car or motorcycle every three years to always drive safely 'under warranty'. There are people who spend a lot of money - because € 340.000 for a Porsche 356, I think a lot of money - because… Well, probably because they had at least € 440.000 in their back pocket and that was so uncomfortable. Read more

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    Classic trucks: a niche market

    Classic trucks are also pure nostalgia. But they have their limitations. Things are difficult to store and not very deployable. And there are not many left. Like the Greek donkeys, they had to work too long and too hard for too little food. Read more

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    Manx MX1 (1983). Exclusive Kitcar from Sigfried. 

    You probably know, the blood creeps where it can't go. According to Sigfried's doctor, he is physically and mentally healthy. There is a deviation and that has been a hobby for everything related to Citroën has to do with. His collection has been described before on our website, but now it is time to focus on a very special and unique one Citroen 2 CV to spend, the English kitcar Manx MX1.  Read more

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    Spring is tingling in the air again

    I look forward to the coming summer and reflect on the past summer. Of course I care about health. For example, I have almost stopped smoking. But that was more because I smoked more per month than the purchase of an extra garage box cost me. So I'm all for the extra storage space Read more

  • Ford Orion 1,4 CL (1993)

    Ford Orion 1,4 CL (1993). 100.000 km of fun for Jelle

    Addicted to Ford, that's how you can call Jelle's family. It started with his grandfather with the T Ford and even made it to the press in the old days when he was still driving the oldest T Ford in the Netherlands. In his mind, Jelle takes a giant leap back to his father, who took over the beloved make and drove several Fords. It started with the (English) Ford Anglia, after which he switched to the German Ford types such as the 12 and 15 m series. His motto was: "You never let a Ford down."  Read more

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