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    Bianchi MT 61 army motorcycle

    Modern army motorcycles are usually somewhat lower compressed, not too heavy all roads in a green jacket. They are even available in a diesel version. The motorcycles during WWII were usually very recognizable civilians on 'our' side who were called into arms. Quite often they were single-cylinder four-stroke side valves, because that approach combined reliability with simplicity. On the German side, the designers often got carried away by their 'lead through technology' genes. That led to impressive and complicated machines like the BMW R75 and so on. And as it turned out: you don't win war with that. More

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    GM small blocks: The best V8 ever!

    Chevrolet's 'small' engine, the small block, is a legendary series of V8 automotive engines in production at the Chevrolet division of General Motors between 1954 and 2003. The entire line used the same basic engine block. And that was referred to as a 'small-block' because of its small size compared to the physically much larger Chevrolet big-block engines. More

  • BMW 2002 Touring

    BMW 2002 Touring (1972). For René only the blue and white emblem. 

    The opinion of BMW drivers is extremely important when it comes to giving impressions about the performance of their BMW. René gives his Inka-colored BMW 2002 high marks for handling, safety and reliability. The highly valued “Freude am fahren” from BMW itself says enough. Owing to his Inka BMW 2002, the BMW 02 club quickly came into view, because the car hobby includes a shared passion for the same model.  More

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    It's all emotion

    The bike from your childhood, from a family member or from your dreams. There are many reasons to drive in a classic way. Even if you get a kick out of motorcycles that look like insects or barbed suppositories, or are touted as 'The ideal platform for your smartphone'. But nostalgia is for a very good reason. So like in your father's motorcycle. More

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    AC Cobra. A kind of…

    Cobras are not an endangered species. It is full of them. For many people, such a Cobra is the ultimate sports car just because of its looks. And for the original copies with V8 blocks, amounts are now ticked off with seven digits. More

  • ŠKODA 105 L.

    ŠKODA 105 L (1980). The fascination for unpretentious Quiryn classics 

    Quiryn Spannenburg teaches mathematics, gives mathematics lessons and also supervises projects for students. In addition to his work as a teacher, he also has his own company in work construction applications and… restoration of old vehicles. The latter is where our interest begins. His restorations are of a high standard and as a result he has a good reputation in classic country.  More

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    Canada, networks and a Porsche

    Canada is like America, but more civilized. Canada is a kind of Europe, but a bit more adventurous. Canada is also much more focused on Europe than the States which are mainly focused on the United States of America. And - not unimportantly - in Canada there are many more European classics than in The States, apart from the VW Beetles and vans. Canada is even bigger and wider than Gelderland and the Achterhoek. More

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    Spring! - column

    Motorcycles today are better and more reliable than ever. But what is more than a bit of an issue is that the rejuvenation in the motorcycle world mainly lies in the engineers and the marketers. Engineers prefer to make everything that is near the limit. Marketers whisper to us that that is exactly what we have always been waiting for. More

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