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  • Innocenti Lambretta scooter (1960)

    Innocenti Lambretta scooter (1960). Back to 'La dolce vita' 

    The owner of this Italian beauty did not buy the scooter with his wallet, but with his heart. He also had no plans to invest time in it, but to immediately award Quiryn restorations in the Westereen. If you first look at the condition in which it was purchased, you will probably be overcome by a feeling of despondency. You wonder whether the buyer has been sufficiently critical with the purchase and this wreck.  More

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    To govern is to look ahead… The holidays

    Ai… That might not be such a good example. Other than: Too early to talk about the holidays? It never is. Holidays usually overwhelm you. Possibly also because you have been knocked down because the pepernoten, speculaas and marzipan have been on the shelves of the always stunting supermarkets since September. The feeling of mild despair when you have to score presents or present wish lists just before Sinterklaas, Christmas or any other holiday of what ethnic background? People have perished on that. More

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    Gijs van Lennep. Half a century of Le Mans winner

    Nowadays there is a lot to celebrate for the Dutch motorsport enthusiast. Max Verstappen is currently having an excellent Formula 1 season and is currently leading the standings. The track successes are not of all times as far as Dutch participation is concerned. Neither does the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But More

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    2 resumes and stuff. What the crazy…

    … gives for it. Everything is relative. And in our playground all prices are asking prices. In addition: as an enterprising provider once said: “to ask for little money is cowardly”. But the trend is that the current asking prices, and more than some final prices, are quite serious amounts. More

  • Jaguar Mk10

    Jaguar Mk10: A plus size model

    They have been considered parts donors for years. Because such an obese Jaguar Mark Ten (and the 420 G) according to Jaguar terms had quite a few things that you could use for a Jaguar that looked like a Jaguar was intended. More

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    Italians: For every solution there is a problem – column

    I'm not a real tech. But I'm pretty handy. But all things electricity can count on my honest suspicion. In spite of this, I have ridden on old, fat Guzzi's for the past 25 years without any problems. The electrical problems that occurred were effectively tackled by each time new electricity strings directly to their thought points of ignition More

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    Gilera 150 cc: Thinking out of the box

    Many people are quite unimaginative. Some people are more flexible between the ears. Traditionally it was the case that it was best to buy a used motorcycle from a motorcycle shop that was not a dealer of that brand. The next step is to find your dream motorcycle at a car dealer. For a classic car dealer, classic motorcycles are often a kind of 'by-catch'. Or they were just bought out of emotion. In any case, they fall outside the ordinary 'commercial thinking & revenue modelling'. For example, we found a Gilera 150 cc at a well-known car dealer. More

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    The Dolf-o-Saurus and the Time Machine – column

    When I was sixteen I bought a Norton 99 Dominator. For 75 guilders… Later and more legally I continued to ride cheap motorcycles. First out of poverty. Then out of a kind of endearment. Then out of conviction. Because they were fast enough for me. Because I could maintain (and repair) them myself. And that those oldest and cheapest motorcycles I had are now very expensive classics? That's funny isn't it? More

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