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    Mercedes Benz S123. The first station wagon developed by Mercedes-Benz

    In 1977 the world became acquainted with the station wagon variant of the W123: the Mercedes-Benz S123. The T-model will be made public at the IAA in Frankfurt. Like the W123 sedan, the presentation of the 'Mercedes-T' unleashes high demand, leading to long delivery times. Production starts in Bremen in 1978. It is the beginning of an era in which no one at Mercedes-Benz is in any doubt about the importance of a Combi variant within the model range. More

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Alfa Romeo Giulia by André Kardol. A separate class 

    The characteristic of this Alfa Romeo Giulia in the racing trim is the white color (Bianca) with the colored nose with which races were previously held on the circuits under the name Squadra Bianca. It was an amateur touring car class with all the same cars that were driven and fought very hard. Presents were not handed out on the track, every race was an experience.  More

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    Exit Turf column

    "Hi. It's just to report that Turf is dead." That call was not entirely unexpected. Because Turf had lived under the motto "You have to ravage life". Today, a young Turfje would have been an interesting 'case' for a few dozen psychologists, counselors and beavers. They could then have analyzed and labeled him jubilantly. Because with a little good will, Turf was good for all oddities from AHD to something that started with a 'z'. More

  • Grinnall Scorpion 3 1997 1

    Grinnall Scorpion 3 (1997) by Bart. An impressive tricycle. 

    Bart is a man with a real car driver's heart, as an enthusiast he gets together with his friends every week, chatting with each other while enjoying coffee about the car / motorcycle hobby. It is a lively social network in which everyone shares the same passion. He can still be captivated by his shiny object, the Grinnall Scorpion, which he got himself from England at the time and has now reached the age of 24.  More

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    Renault 4. Drive with a smile.

    The Renault 4. Every time it provides a surprise. If you are on the road with the modest French evergreen, comfort, a decent amount of space and pleasant good-naturedness will be yours. To a greater extent than you would expect. We were allowed to experience it in a copy from 1985. More

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    Honda CB450 DOHC (1965-1974)

    That was the first Really Heavy Honda. It was intended to compete with the 650 cc pushrod twins from England. And to conquer America. It did not work. The 44 horsepower machine was technically light years ahead of the British and American heavy boys. With a CB450 'Black Bomber' (they also came in red and blue, by the way, and white for police use) the 650 twins could be snotted if the road wasn't too bad and not too winding. More

  • Mini shouldn't be missing either

    Zoute Grand Prix 2021 a great success again – a report

    On Thursday 7 October, the participants of the Zoute Rally were expected on the Zeedijk for the scouting of their car. Then they had to complete a prologue in the hinterland to determine the starting positions for Friday morning. Friday at 8 a.m. the participants lined up in a long line on the Zeedijk for the start of the rally. One was more nervous than the other. More

  • Opel GT (1970) by Joop Dijkstra

    Opel GT (1970) by Joop Dijkstra. His own art object

    The car life of this beautiful Opel GT started in California, where it was given the registration number 753 GVQ. (More than 70 percent was exported to America.) After leaving his mark in the United States, he came to the Netherlands in 1998 with his current owner, who has owned the sporty Opel for almost 23 years now.  More

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    Perfectly captured: these old-timers play leading roles in comics

    There is a certain preference for old-timers among the illustrators. Sometimes even true love, inspired by reality: Jan Kruis (1933-2017) also drove around in real life in the red MG, which plays a leading role in Jan, Jans and the Children. A contemporary example is the tow truck from Cars. The cars are perfectly captured in these comics.  More

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