24 and 25 November. Eelde Classics.

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Purchasing classics there

On November 24 and 25, the Flowerdome in Eelde opens the gates for the annual event Eelde Classics. Autotron has been organizing the trade fair for years, and expectations for this edition are high again. Visitors can indulge themselves again during the annual party, which highlights the classic in all facets, shapes and sizes.

Various types of historical vehicles can largely be seen on 'Eelde Classics 24' on Saturday 25 and Sunday 2018 November. Enthusiasts and collectors can indulge themselves with classic cars, motorbikes, mopeds, trucks, tractors, buses, carriages, carriages and fire trucks. The Flowerdome in Eelde is a pleasant environment for two days, where the various categories of classics are housed in separate rooms . For example, a special hall has been reserved for historic fire trucks, and enthusiasts of trucks, truck combinations and agricultural vehicles can return elsewhere with healthy interest to the professional vehicle image of the past.

Multitude of clubs

The classic cars are central and will be visible throughout the Flowerdome. It will also be impossible for several classic two-wheelers to escape the attention of the visitor. In addition, this year various old-timer clubs will compete for the prize for the most beautiful stand. They are happy to present their club during 'Eelde Classics 2018'. In addition to the stands of the various brand clubs, such as: Austin, Morris, Wolseley & Riley, Alfa Romeo, MG, HAV, KJMV, VMC, DKW, BMW, Ford, Opel and several other clubs. Of course, ample space has also been created in Eelde for parts, tools, automobilia, books, brochures and miniature models. Various individuals and companies will also demonstrate their commercial offerings in Eelde. Auto Motor Klassiek is again present with a stand, and of course every visitor is welcome for a cup of coffee and a great offer.

More information

On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November 2018, the Flowerdome (address: Burg. JGLegroweg 80, 9761 TD Eelde) will be open from 10.00:17.00 to 12,50:12. The entrance fee is € XNUMX. Children up to XNUMX years old have free admission when accompanied by an adult. Parking is free of charge. More information can be found at www.oldtimerbeurs.net.



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