25 and 26 June: The Porsche Racing Days in Zandvoort

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During the weekend of 25 and 26 June, the Porsche Racing Days take place at Circuit Park Zandvoort. Visitors can enjoy spectacular Porsche races and a one-off demonstration with unique historic Porsche racing cars free of charge. Dozens of RS models from Porsche drivers also come into action.

The Porsche Racing Days at the Zandvoort circuit are full of action. The trainings and races of the Porsche Carrera Cup France and the Porsche Zandvoort Trophy are a spectacle in itself. The public can make sure of well-filled starting fields and especially close racing - door to door, bumper to bumper. In other words: racing as intended.

Iconic racing cars
An absolute highlight is the Porsche Classic Racing demonstration, a performance of no less than four iconic Porsche racing cars, including the Porsche 935 / 77, 962, 550 Spyder and 911 GT1 98. These special classics are normally exhibited in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, but they are starting the engines for this occasion. The racing cars are driven by equally legendary drivers, including Le Mans winner Gijs van Lennep.

An iconic Porsche is part of a special demonstration in Zandvoort: the magnificent 550 Spyder. Image: Porsche
An iconic Porsche is part of a special demonstration in Zandvoort: the magnificent 550 Spyder. Image: Porsche

Ultimate sportiness: Porsche drivers on the circuit
At Porsche, the letters RS have a mythical sound: they have stood for ultimate sportiness for decades. Dozens of RS models are expected at the Porsche Racing Days. The current 911 GT3 RS is a crowd puller; this also applies to the historic RS models. All these ultra sporty Porsches come into action during special track time sessions. In addition, the public can enjoy a wide range of other Porsche models: many Porsche owners have purchased a track time arrangement of twice half an hour. And during the unique Porsche Young Driver Experience, you can see how children between the ages of 14 and 17 get their first driving experience in a Porsche. More information about the availability of track time can be obtained from the eight Dutch Porsche centers.

Free entrance, special Porsche parking
De Porsche Racing Days everyone is freely accessible on 25 and 26 June. Spectators can choose their favorite spot along the track and the paddock is also freely accessible. For all Porsche drivers who visit the event with their Porsche, a special Porsche parking has been set up where they can park for free. All other visitors can park for € 10 per day in the parking lot of the circuit.

You can find more information about the Porsche Racing Days here.

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