29 and 30 April: The Auto Motor Klassiek Festival at Circuitpark Zandvoort

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The very first edition of a promising festival takes place on 29 and 30 April: Het Auto Motor Klassiek Festival! Auto Motor Klassiek stores its tents in Zandvoort and organizes a wonderful event that will be entirely devoted to classic cars and historic competitive sports. Auto Motor Klassiek has high expectations of the first Auto Motor Klassiek Festival and counts on thousands of classics and packed starting fields at the Circuit Park Zandvoort.

A varied program is put together in collaboration with 402 Automotive. There is a Concours d'Elegance on the program. Various racing classes from the HARC program will also be on display. Coaches and GTs from 1947 to 1990 will be represented here. Special: the MG Triumph competitions also make their appearance in Zandvoort. The open cup racers of the past bring back the British racing glory of the past.

Paddocks and self-driving

In Zandvoort the various brand clubs are also central, an indispensable phenomenon for classic and young timer enthusiasts. A large part of the paddock has been set up to accommodate the diverse and beautiful heritage of the car and motorcycle clubs. An event at Circuitpark Zandvoort naturally includes driving a classic car or motorcycle. Participants can ride freely or form part of the parade, in order to reconcile the old technique with the historical ground of the North Holland circuit.

Business market

Naturally, the first AMK festival also offers space for accessories, clothing and of course lifestyle. Enthusiasts can go to the business market. Many specialists offer their products here, so there is a good chance that you will find something that you normally have to search for a long time.

Special promotion for subscribers

During the Auto Motor Klassiek Festival the first 750 subscribers benefit from free entry and a free show car ticket. It is an additional reason to come to the great event with this classic at 29 and 30 April. Those who do not have a subscription but are in possession of a classic also benefit. These visitors benefit from a discount on the entrance and on the show car ticket.

More information

It is certain. The first edition of the Auto Motor Klassiek festival is going to be a grand classic celebration, where every enthusiast will find what they are looking for. You can find more information about the festival and about participating in the festival here. You can also contact the organization for more information via or via telephone number 088-0402402. One thing is certain: it is more than worth keeping the 29 and 30 April dates free in your agenda!

We will keep you regularly informed in the coming period!




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