35 Year Ducati Pantah. "My first Ducati"

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Pantah1979-500slThe Ducati Pantah exists 35 year. With that, the once modern successor of the Ducs royal axes has also become a classic.

We came to that when an acquaintance remarked that he had the first in the Netherlands. Entered yourself and well. That was in 1979.

Taglioni's technical and aesthetic masterpieces, the Desmo L twins with camshafts powered by royal axes, were simply dated from the mid-late 1970s and no longer met emission and noise requirements.

Moreover, they were very expensive to make.

Fortunately, Taglioni already thought about the future.


PANTAH BLOCK35 Year Ducati Pantah. "My first Ducati"

The newcomer had to make a simpler, quieter engine. Thanks to the timing belt drive of the camshafts.

In price and performance he could compete against the Japanese four-cylinder like the GS 550 and the Z500,

Of course Pantahs also learned to run on the circuits.

There were 350 cc, and 400 cc for the home and Japanese markets respectively. But the game ran after the introduction of the crankshaft that was later used in the 750 to Cagiva that used the L-twions in the Alazurra and the Elefant.

In brief, the 'Pantahs' are the 500 SL, the 600 SL, the 650 SL, 600 TL, 350 Tl, 350 XL, 350 SL, 600 TT2,750 F1, 750 F1 Montjuich, 750 XX XUMXUMUM Laguna F1 NUMX XUMUMUMUMUM Laguna F750, 1F350.

ducati 350 sl-pantahMoreover, Bimota and Cagiva also used the blocks.

A Pantah is now a healed classic. All Pantahs are super fun. But not all Pantahs are equally expensive. Later entered 350 cc models are completely traffic compatible and are offered here with some regularity and competitively priced. For the other types it certainly applies that the main prize does not yet have to be paid structurally.

So the Ducati Pantah. "My first Ducati?" Why not?

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