43rd Antwerp Classic Salon dedicated to Abarth and Alvis

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Antwerp. Abarth. Alvis. Three times with a capital A. And three times an ingredient for the 43rd Antwerp Classic Salon. The event, which has been on the classic car calendar for years, will take place at the Antwerp Expo from Friday 6 March to Sunday 8 March. La Storia Abarth and 100 years of Alvis are the fine main themes.

The first theme is closer to home than many people think. Abarth is of course a symbol of Italy. For fine-tuned tuning and often exotic designs. For great successes and many records. La Storia Abarth is an absolute draw at the Classic Salon. Guy Moerenhout takes a number of Abarths from his collection. Moerenhout has the largest collection of Abarths in the world, and we saw that in August 2018 at the Abarth Works Museum in Lier. So a number of them are visible in Antwerp. Absolutely impressive and worth it.

Lada Historic Racing Team

Anyone who says Abarth also says Moerenhout, who is more or less playing a home game. And whoever says Moerenhout also says Lada. Lada? You read that right. Because the Belgian driver, former garage mechanic and collector has something with it. He was the representative of the Russian brand in Belgium. And there is also a link with Fiat, which in turn has many cross-links with Abarth. A number of examples from Guy Moerenhout's Lada Historic Racing Team are exhibited in Antwerp. The Lada 1600 Rally and the illustrious VFTS are a few of those competition Russians, who still blow their tunes in competitions today. Special!

100 year Alvis

Another theme is 100 years of Alvis. Traditionally a beautiful British brand that not only built cars for the private market. Alvis also built racing cars, aircraft engines, armored cars and combat vehicles. The production started in 1919 and the making of cars ended in 1967. In Antwerp, the visitor finds a retrospective with historical models. The eye catcher is the Alvis Goodwin, the open competition car that will appeal to the public in bright red.

Fixed values

The fixed values ​​are there again this year. About fifty clubs and various professional classic dealers make their appearance. There are also other commercial activities. Fans of miniatures and candidates for parts can indulge themselves in Antwerp, for example. Industry-related organizations will also not be missing. Furthermore, a Concours d'elegance is organized. Plenty of reasons for a visit. And if you come, you are of course also very welcome at the booth of Auto Motor Klassiek.

With the old-timer to Antwerp Classic Salon

If you want to travel to Antwerp with the old-timer to visit the 43rd Antwerp Classic Salon, you can do so without worry. Antwerp Expo is located outside the Low Emission Zone. That can therefore be avoided, regardless of which direction the visitors come from. Motorists who come to Antwerp via the A34 are advised to drive through the Kennedy tunnel, and not through the Waasland tunnel.


Finally, it will not have escaped your attention that the world - and therefore also our regions - are in the grip of the corona virus. Events are canceled everywhere. However, the organization of the Antwerp Classic Salon has decided to let the event take place. The organization of the Antwerp Classic Salon takes the necessary measures in consultation with the competent authorities and the management of Antwerp Expo. This will be done primarily in the hygienic field to minimize the risk of contamination.

More information

You can find much more information about the 43rd Antwerp Classic Salon on the event website.

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  1. Keeping it going can be a good move. Properly cleaning beforehand does not necessarily have any effect because Corona is mainly transmitted through body fluids, in particular. the droplets lying around after a good sneeze. Remnants on the hands / clothing and the like maybe it is more effective to keep people with a snot nose off. It is also striking that the deceased are very often 65+ and / or have lung problems.
    Maybe if you are "classic age" and you are not very healthy in terms of health, but not to go.

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