5 and 6 May: Motorworld HistoriCar in Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

Motorworld HistoriCar
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The fans spent two years in the waiting room, but on 5 and 6 in May, Motorworld HistoriCar returns to Landschafspark Duisburg Nord. A special item is also central to the return of the event. Visitors can experience how a Porsche 356 gets a second life. This rebirth is part of a colorful range of activities.

Speaking of being born again: Marc Baumüller is responsible for the return of the event on behalf of Motorworld, which many enthusiasts have had to miss for two years. HistoriCar was characterized by its special location, in which classic cars, legendary sports cars and rare parts enchanted the visitors. The setting was the basis for an event that appealed to the imagination and "functioned super" according to Baumüller. During the last edition, more than 10.000 people attended this special event, which is now called Motorworld HistoriCar. And again at the same location as before.


Under the auspices of Motorworld - which has set up several car-related events in and outside of Germany and thereby created a specific world of experience - Motorworld HistoriCar will become a permanent home. Baumüller indicates that the Landschafspark Duisburg Nord will be transformed once every year into a "true paradise for old-timer enthusiasts and key-makers."

Events within a historic setting

Motorworld uses a philosophy whereby the events are mainly organized within a historical setting. "Classic cars, two-wheelers, supercars, premiumcars and related matters play the leading role." In Duisburg, that fact will also be revealed. On 35.000 m2 terrain and within an 7000 m2 large hall (the former power plant of the steel plant) a world of experience is created within which numerous clubs and old-timer dealers will present themselves. Historic two-wheelers will also be put in the spotlight. According to Baumüller, the highlight is the rebuilding of the Porsche 356. It is transformed from "Rohkarosse" into a rebuilt classic within two days. The public can ascertain the structure, giving the Porsche a second life.

Attractive pricing, more information

The specific urban character of the Duisburg Nord Landschafspark will undoubtedly attract many visitors to the Ruhr area. It is striking that Motorworld keeps pricing attractive. Adults can get a ticket for € 10. A reduced rate of € 8 applies to children and the disabled. The Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord is located at Emscherstrasse 71 in Duisburg. You can find more information about this great event at the Motorworld HistoriCar website.


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