5 popular motorcycle routes in the Netherlands

motorcycle routes in the Netherlands
Elfstedentocht 1985, finish Leeuwarden; finish of the leading group from left to right Ruitenberg, Kooiman, winner Van Benthem and Niesten * 21 February 1985
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Traveling through the Netherlands by motorcycle is the ideal way to discover the country in a new way and many motorcycle enthusiasts go in search of the best motorcycle routes in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a lot to offer for those who do not shy away from some adventure and the following five motorcycle routes in the Netherlands are proof of that.

1. West Friesland and North Holland: the best of both worlds

This route cuts off the head of North Holland, as it were, and offers a completely different range of nature and conditions in every season. Bulb fields in the spring and an endless number of windmills - which lie along the Schermer -, polder roads and dikes are just a few examples of this. Cities such as Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik also add value to this motorcycle route.

2. The Elfstedentocht

The Elfstedentocht did not take place in 2012, but a motorcycle tour is an excellent way to view the 200 km long route. It is important that you are safe on the bike. A good motorcycle helmet is very important in this. A very popular helmet is the Shark helmet, for optimal protection. There is a choice between a flip-up helmet or a full-face helmet.

If you are on your way safely, then in addition to the well-known cities are the many lakes and canals that contribute to the beauty of this region. In order to stay as close as possible to the original route, sometimes small, rural lanes have to be driven.

3. The Amstel Botshol and Venen

This motorcycle route is at its best in the warmer seasons thanks to the abundance of water, the Veenplassen near Vinkeveen and of course the countless cozy terraces. The typical smell of the countryside, the winding dikes and many peat ponds make him worthwhile.

4. Motor route through Peel and Maas

During this route, De Peel, a piece of the forgotten Netherlands, is crossed to the German side of the Maas. The winding high moor area with adjoining cities such as Venray and Roermond is interspersed with Maas dunes and is wonderful to discover on a motorcycle.

5. Along bulb fields and seaside resorts

This is a beautiful route from April to mid-May and especially unforgettable due to the typical smells and colors of the bulb fields between Noordwijk and Vogelzang. Overveen and Bloemendaal are some of the picturesque places that this route leads you through, culminating in the road that leads to the North Sea.

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