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Purchasing classics there

The Dutch fleet is getting older and older

The average age of the Dutch vehicle fleet is constantly increasing. In 2009, the average age of a car was 8,8 years. This is now 9,9 year. In 2014 there was again a growth in the number of MOTs. This has fallen back in a few years. This is due to the modified APK rules in 2008. Since that year, young cars have had to visit the APK less often. And soon 50 people no longer have to go to the MOT.

It has already become known via the FEHAC site and a newsletter that the FEHAC has achieved two successes on the MOT front: the MOT for vehicles that are more than 30 years old remains every two years and the entire exemption applies from before construction year 1960 with a shifting limit to the over 50s. The story just needs to be legally validated.

FEHAC in consultation with the APK body

The FEHAC is in the APK consultative body to represent the interests of especially the classic vehicles. In addition to the government, the RDW and BOVAG include the FEHAC. There it is not only about the existing MOT and the applicable age limits of classics, but also about the possible introduction of the MOT for motorcycles (not currently under discussion) and for tractors (perhaps for the 40 km / h category) . The practical experiences are also included. The FEHAC has been advocating for years that the limit for the general MOT exemption should be set at 50 years. Now that is for vehicles with a date of first authorization (DET) for 1-1-1960 and that is already 55 years ago. And that is very spacious for 50 people.

Official I&M announcement

This announcement came from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment: 'The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is adopting the RDW coordinated proposal for the implementation of the EU MOT directive (2014/45 / EU), including the FEHAC proposal for the MOT exemption for older vehicles. than 50 years. At the insistence of the FEHAC, the current 2-year regime for vehicles older than 30 years will be maintained, which is fine in practice. '

Trucks underexposed

Whether the exemption for 50 people also applies to traditional commercial vehicles above 3500 kg older remained underexposed in the ministry's reporting. The FEHAC is pleased to report that the 50 exception to the MOT obligation will apply to all vehicle categories with the exception of taxis and buses. The owners of classic freight and army vehicles will therefore soon also be exempt from the APK inspection that is expensive for their category of vehicles.


Really delivered

At a few birthday parties of frightened left people it has already been said that this arrangement is dangerous because of course now wants to start saving costs by buying cars more than 50 years old. That is an additional reason to avoid such parties.

Naturally, all 50 people over and above are cherished. And use an 50 person as a cheap shopping cart? We don't think anyone wants to use his 1968 MGB or his Cadillac Deville for that. But because these types of cars do have a very high degree of employability, they will really get their technical maintenance. So nobody needs to worry about that.

We wish everyone a prosperous and carefree classic year.
And we hope that the scheme as it is described will soon be introduced.


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  1. Do not change the APK scheme, keep it as it is now.
    A little while ago an oldtimer (50 +) was welded where the rear suspension was almost rusted out.
    If that had not been seen at the MOT, accidents would have happened.
    95 percent will have a well-maintained vintage car, but the other 5 percent will be life-threatening without an MOT inspection.

  2. “Frightened left people”, too bad, too bad, too bad… ..

    I really like to read AMK and to keep myself informed about news about vintage cars, but not this; there is already more than enough dichotomy in our country. Request to refrain from taking your political position.

  3. If you are the proud owner of a car that is more than 50 years old, you will usually also have a well-ventilated garage or storage facility. My Chrysler Valiant from 1962 only comes out in dry weather and regularly gets to see a mechanic who is happy with the simple technology of this “compact”. Because the old automatic choke no longer works properly, an electric copy was ordered in the US. I like this car because it is simple and requires forward-looking driving. No power steering, drums all around and an out of sync one. In append driving the Netherlands, we would still know how to operate his car?

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