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60 year Mini. A beautiful birthday party during Estoril Classics


Portugal loves British classics. From 11 to 14 October, that was also very visible to us during Estoril Classics. It was therefore no surprise that the outstanding organization was the 60e integrated the birthday of the Mini within almost all program components. At the Concorso, on the circuit: everywhere the Mini was put in the late summer sun.

Millions of classic Mini's have been built, but very beautiful examples passed by in Portugal. To start on the Estoril circuit. There the organization had given the Mini a central place on the paddock, nicely sandwiched between the straight main stand and another part of the course. It was nice to see the diversity in the Mini range. Striking: the Mini Cooper successor 1275 GT - with the club manus - was properly represented. In the Netherlands and Belgium you hardly see the cart anymore, but in Estoril we came across a few beautiful specimens in original condition.

Nice Coopers

Talking about Coopers: it was a pleasure to see the versions with the famous 1.275 cc engine, the sliding windows in the front doors and the fuel tanks left and right. It was impossible not to go back in thought to the immense performance that these Minis achieved in the rally circuit and how they won the Monte Carlo Rally three times. These versions made the Mini definitively immortal, and actually made it clear that BMC initially made money on every Mini produced.

Trophy Mini

Of course: those who celebrate a birthday on the circuit must also show themselves on the move. That happened in Estoril, where the Troféu Mini was also held. In one way or another it was very nice to see how simply the cars were standing on the circuit. In a straight line, in turns: those who had a little look at it saw why the Mini was so loved in competition circles. The handling was impressive, the drivers must have experienced a go-kart feeling in the small sympathetic British cars. In that sense, the Minis also gloryed tightly in that area, you got a lot of urge to make laps with a Coopertje once in a while. On any circuit.

Competition in the casino gardens, 60 year Mini own category

What about the Minis at the Concorso, which took place at the Jardins Casino in Estoril. A number of them were on the Circuito Estoril, but in the chic setting at the Casino and on the Atlantic coast, the Mini's lit up in a different way. Yes, there was a special category created at the Concorso, the Minis (and related) had their own place. An early Austin Cooper S and a fine Traveler (with that beautiful ash wood) were also stimulating. There were also done little things with minis. The audience responded cheerfully when it was tested how many people fit in a Mini. The occupants themselves also enjoyed the exercise.

Completely original winner

The Wolseley Hornet was very beautiful. He exhaled the premium feeling avant la lettre, rebadging was never more fun than then, in the sixties. This specimen was worthy of the podium and made it, and a very nice Coopertje also showed off the feathers. A white Morris Mini Minor from an early year of construction won the party. Later on we heard in Adelino Dinisco restaurant Fora de Pé, president of the organization of Estoril Classics, why. Although several people expected that the Cooper S or the Hornet would win, the jury of experts designated the white Mini as the winner in the 60 Anõs Mini category. He was completely original without restoration and therefore won the Mini party in the gardens. The Cooper S was restored, to the last detail.

Worthy anniversary

Every Mini in Portugal actually won. The organization integrated the anniversary of the Mini in the controversial event. The Mini became the common thread and the icon was represented in all shapes and sizes (including the New Mini). The attention was justified. Not only because of the Portuguese's love for British classics, but especially because the Mini 60 revealed a revolution years ago, which gave a new insight into the construction of small cars with major advantages. And in Portugal in all its diversity again evoked much, very much sympathy.

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Photos: Estoril Classics and Erik van Putten


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  1. Hello Erik, you mentioned the wood of the Traveler maple wood.
    The wood that was and will be used for the Traveler is Ash wood that is a completely different type of wood.
    These (frames) are still made in England.
    We also drive a Traveler ourselves.
    Greeting Henk Diedering

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